June 14 2019

Pescado hermoso!

Aquí es Jim Phillips con un grande trucha arco iris desde el río Delaware hoy.

Y un amigo de Jim's, Tom Biedermann, tambien con un muy bueno pescado!
Esos estan absolutamente truchas hermosas chicos

Un otro del pescado... mas cerca arriba!
Que tan hermosa colores!
Solo en el rio Delaware superior.

June 7 2019

Trucha Salvaje...
Rio delaware edicion.

Hola! Un gran dia en el delaware superior rio hoy.

Muchos truchas fuimos capturas con Jim Miller y Mike Breen.
Ellos estaban usiendo "El Bullhorn Conway" mosca!
Nosotros fuimos yendo de Callicoon a Damascus.
Saludos cordiales.

June 6 2019

Noticas de Central Pennsylvania

Mi amigo, y cliente de pescar de mosca, Jerry Moser desde Pennsylvania central, escribi a mi sobre su exito con los patrones de mis moscas.

Estes pescados estaban capturas en "Pine Creek" cerca Galeton, Pennsylvania la semana pasado por Jerry y su hijo.

Gran pescar Jerry!

DHE Sulphurs...buen provecho.

May 13 2019

Spring 2018 Redux

Well, it's beginning to look a lot like last spring...
which ain't good if you like fish to come up and toss dries at them.

We had one sunny day out of about 29 rainy days.

Yours truly on the Big D near Cochecton, NY.
Photo credit: Ollie Snelling
Harcut: Bridgette from Mick's Barber Shop in Honesdale, PA

May 2 2019

Upper Willowemoc.

Gorgeous water.

Hendricksons are hatching.

It was a very short hatch this afternoon north of Livington Manor.
Hendos (see those three tails) started at 3:00pm and it was done by 4:00pm.
Rapido y luego...TERMINADO.
Hasta manana para las Hendricksons.

This brownie...

...ate this.

Hendo CDC Loop Wing. (the bottom fly in the photo)
The brown crushed it.
Just like the wild trout do on the main stem Upper Delaware River.
Rigging? Top fly a snowshoe Hendo (works as a indicator) trailed with 8 inches of 5X to the dropper which was a CDC Loop Wing.

Happy Angler.

Una tarde muy amable y divertida.

April 16 2019

Blown Out.

All of the rivers are blown.
High, fast and muddy due to over two inches of rain on Sunday night.
No pescar por un rato.

Hendo Loop Wing.

In two weeks...

April 2 2019

Spring Cleaning

Twelve and a half inches of ponytail grown in the last three years.
It was time for a trim and I donated my locks to cancer.

March 9 2019

Won't Be Long

Ten Mile River looking towards the Upper Delaware River about five miles south of Narrowsburg.

Not much snowpack in the Catskills. Less than four inches.
Warming trend this week should wash most of it out.
The Main Stem UDR is at normal levels at 2100 cfs and is clear and cold - about 36 degrees.

March 2 2019

Top O' The World Ma!

Yours truly at the 2019 World Fishing EXPO in Suffern, New York this afternoon which takes place at the Rockland County Community College Fieldhouse. They had a good turnout.
I did two PowerPoint seminars (one yesterday and the other this afternoon) all about the Upper Delaware River.
History, Politics and, of course, tips and techniques for trout, shad, smallmouth bass and walleye on this fabulous river.
Today's attendance at my presentation was decent with over forty anglers learning about the mysteries of the Upper Delaware River and how to crack the code this season.

February 24 2019

It's ALL fishing.
Spring 2019 Catskill - Delaware Magazine Article

The most recent issue of The Sullivan County Democrat's Catskill - Delaware magazine hit the stands this past Friday and will be available this coming weekend at the 2019 World Fishing EXPO in Suffern, New York at the Rockland College Fieldhouse.

Articles by John Punola, Ed Van Put and yours truly. It's all fishing. After 25 years of guiding I bare all. Lots of secrets. Pick up a copy.

I'll be doing two PowerPpoint presentations on the fabulous Upper Delaware River.

One on Friday evening at 7:00pm and the other on Saturday at 4:00pm.

If you're at the show stop by, say hello and pick up a magazine!

February 16 2019

Upper Delaware River Power Point Presentation

The good folks at the Catskill Fly Fishing Guild invited me to give a presentation this afternoon.
What a nice turn out!
Thank you for all who attended today.

At the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum in Livingston Manor, New York

My good friend Ramsay Adams, co-owner of The Catskill Brewery in Livingston Manor, graciously contributed four different growlers so the audience could enjoy some of the finest brews while also unlocking the piscatorial secrets of one of the finest rivers in the United States.
Thank you Ramsay and Randall.
I hope to see you both on the river this spring!

January 2 2019

Historic Chart - 2018.

Happy New Year!
This graphic speaks for itself.
In 24 years of guiding this river, without a doubt, the year 2018 was the worst season that I can ever recall.

Take a look and compare the orange triangles(the 40 year median CFS flow) to the blue line (the actual CFS levels for 2018).
Let's hope for some climate moderation in 2019 along with good health and plenty of tight lines.

November 1 2018

The International Fly Tying Symposium:
November 17 and 18

A hell of a lot of great tiers at the Sheraton in Parsippany, New Jersey - about a half hour from Manhattan.
See you there!

September 13 2018

150 Day USGS Chart for the Upper Delaware River
Time period: Mid April 2018 through today.

See above.
2018 is the wettest year on record for the Catskills.

Repeat after me: "There's no global warming....there's no global warming...there's no global warming...


August 28 2018

It's Official.

An article in today's Sullivan County Democrat.
NYC DEP says that August 2018 was the wettest on record.

Need Proof?

120 day USGS Chart for Callicoon, New York / Upper Delaware River.
Read the chart.

What's a fishing guide to do?

Without a doubt, this is probably the worst fishing season that I've experienced in 24 years of operating a licensed guide service on the Upper Delaware River out of Narrowsburg, New York.


I'm glad I'm winding down after all these years since it would have been next to impossible to take any trips, sustain any new business relationships or make any money if I was just starting out. This has been a very tough year.

So, for the past two months I've used Duolingo to learn Spanish for an escape to either Costa Rica or the south of Spain this winter.

Maybe September and October will be better for this season's swan song on the Upper Delaware River.

Hasta luego!

August 10 2018

Train Derailment on the West Branch Delaware River.

Excerpts from articles about the train derailment from four different news outlets.

Latest article from WBNG.

Dear National Transportation and Safety Board.
Please ask this question.


In addition, the ground was already super saturated from over 9 inches of rain during the last 21 days.
USGS chart of Hale Eddy, NY is above.

Lucky...lucky...lucky - or as one elected official said:
"We dodged a bullet this time!"

August 9 2018

Train Derailment on the West Branch Delaware River.

Woke up this morning and received an email (see above) from Bonnie Sheard of the National Park Service / Upper Delaware River that there had been a train derailment on the West Branch of the Delaware River at Hale Eddy.
Two cars went into the river and the train was carrying about 4,000 gallons of diesel.
The location is roughly five miles south of Deposit, NY or about 8 miles north of Hancock, NY.

This email wwas sent out from NPS to all NPS licensed commercial use permit holders which is about 66 licensed guides and all of the canoe / raft liveries.
As many of you know the West Branch of the Delware River has a world class wild trout fishery throughout the year.
Probably the best east of the Mississippi River along with the Farmington in Connecticut.

Location of train wreck.

Aerial Photo via Pocono Record


Article. and another.

Today's river conditions at Narrowsburg?
Blown Out.

For the third week in a row the main stem Upper Delaware River is blown out from the torrential rain the Catskills has had in the past few weeks.
Some gages are reporting between 10 to 14 inches of rain in the last two weeks.

And like a Good Neighbor...

So here's the deal.
The railroad, New York, Susquehanna and Western Railroad, that owns and operates along the old Erie Railroad tracks, stated today that the flooding and heavy rain had caused this mishap.

However, the Town of Deposit, yesterday morning had called for a state of emergency.

The $64,000 question is why on earth the railroad would risk public safety knowing that there was a State of Emergency in effect and continue operating as opposed to waiting until the SOE was lifted and having their (and the NYS DOT) engineers inspect their infrastructure for deficiencies?

Think about that.

And like a good neighbor maybe the New York, Susquehanna and Western Railway should spring for building the Upper Delaware River Visitors Center in Callicoon.

Just a thought.

August 5 2018

Art Lee: 1942 - 2018

Click for New York Times Obit.

A book by Art that I received as a Christmas present from Mike McKean way back in 1995.
I worked with Mike and Gib at their Barryville real estate office the year I became a licensed NYS DEC guide.

Inscription by Art Lee.
Tight lines Art and may you rest in peace.

August 4 2018

¡Aquí vamos de nuevo!

Una imagen vale mas que mil palabras...

July 30 2018

¡Nuevo pescador y pescador feliz¡
Bienvenido al Río Delaware Superior Jake

Newcomer to the Upper Delaware River is young angler, Jake Chesters, who caught many smallmouth bass on today's float trip eventhough the river levels were still a tad high from the recent rains that the Catskills received last week.(See charts below)
Jake used both Kei-Techs and Senkos with great success.

Pop Chesters snapped this pix with yours truly and Jake midway through the float trip south of Narrowsburg on the beautiful Upper Delaware River.

You couldn't ask for a better compliment.
Thank you guys!
The pleasure was all mine.
Wishing you many more tight lines!

July 25 2018

No pescar por unos días!

Our region received over three inches of rain in the last 36 hours.
Barryville USGS gage has risen from 700cfs to 6,000cfs in the last 24 hours.
More rain today and rivers will continue to rise.
NOAA has Delaware River cresting at Barryville tomorrow evening at 22,000cfs or 9.5 feet.
Levels will still be high for this weekend. This Saturday?
6 feet. Normal is about 3.2 feet.
No pescar por unos días!


July 21 2018

Great bass fishing continues...

Who doesn't like Pinks?
We all do!
Tacos manana en el Riverfest de Narrowsburg.
10 to 4.
Kim Graner with a nice smallie from today's river adventure.

July 20 2018

Let's get back to fishing... shall we?

Newcomer to the Big D. is happy angler, Dan Short, who nailed this beautiful bronzeback on today's voyage.
Dan must have caught a double limit on the half day jaunt from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River with ease.
Senkos rigged wacky are all you need.
The water is gin clear, low and warm. Perfect conditions for river smallmouth bass.

July 17 2018

The Monetization of the Catskills and Upper Delaware River
Working For The Weekend

Hot off the presses is the new issue of DVEight.
It's The Get Out Issue it says.
This chic, au courant oversize mag (soy ink, natch) resembles Andy Wharol's hip Interview* magazine of the 1980's and 90's which featured late night denizens of clubs like The Mudd Club, Hurrah, Danceteria along with profiles of artists like Bryan Ferry, Eno, Julian Schnable, Keith Haring...DJ's - remember Anita Sarko...well, you get the point- except that the subject matter is now thirty years later and we have the thirty/fortysomething hipsters, also known as hicksters that have escaped the urban concrete jungles of Williamsburg, Loisaida and Jersey City Flatlands for life in the rusticisco Catskills and have been tranformed into organic farmers, biker chicks, locovore chefs, waldenesque bloggers and, last but not least, outdoor commercial fishing and camping guides.

The Circle Game
Interview magazine cover: Diane von Fürstenberg, circa 1980.
Life is good.
The economy is soaring.
Unemployment is down.
A master merchandiser is now our president.

Pick up an issue of DVEight before they're all gone!
(and the economy heads south.)


I couldn't help but think that the entire issue of DVEight didn't have one photo of the beautiful Upper Delaware River.
I mean, it was billed as The Get Out Issue right?

So much of this beautiful river could have been used as a backdrop / location for the fashion shoot / head shot pixs.
Hell, at times, from the looks of this exquisite river, you really could be in The Rockies - or up in Maine on the Penobscot - but the point is is that we're so close to NYC and that the river valley has stayed so pure for all of these years.

Truth be told, many of the ads in the issue had some sort of water - a pond, a stream 'cause that's what they're selling to the Gen X'ers and Millennials who are living for the weekend via AirBNB and TENTRR- but the editorial content of this issue about water?
Nada. Zilch. Oh, well. Missed opportunity.
As I say to folks at my PowerPoint seminars at TU and other conservation groups in the Metro NY/CT/NJ area in the winter months:
You'll see more bald eagles than people when you fish this river.
You really will.
Tight lines.

July 14 2018

¿Río superior de Delaware?
La pesca es excelente!*

Newcomer to the Big D, angler Eric Cohn, with one of about fifty fish our boat caught on this afternoon's float from the grand old hamlet of Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River. Senkos...Kei-techs...Senkos...Kei-Techs...Senkos...
FFMP? (Flexible Flow Management Plan)
How we're doing?

It's not really working in the summer.
Is it?
Warm water for trout all the way north to Lordville / Equinunk.
This is The Plan for the next five years with an option for an additional five more after that.
Smallmouth bass fishing taking over the Main Stem UDR.

* trying to learn Spanish for a flyfishing / winter trip to Argentina or Chile...sorry, couldn't resist.

July 12 2018

Conditions for smallmouth bass?
A 10.

The Maestro and veteran Upper Delaware River angler, Alan Kaufman, with one of over 60 smallmouth bass he caught and released on our float from Ten Mile River to Zane Grey today.
Superb conditions. Get out there and enjoy this great river!

July 11 2018

Bronzeback fishing on the Upper Delaware?
As good as it gets.

Bill Murtha and his buddy Art Micol had a ball on the Upper Delaware River today.
We floated the Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River stretch and easily maxed out with a quadruple limit of smallmouth.
Senkos and Kei-Techs rule.

River Reporter article:
Toxins appear in landfill sampling

And where are (or, better, what happened to) the regulatory agencies during the past twenty years?

About 15 miles south of Narrowsburg, New York is a tributary of the Scenic and Recreational Upper Delaware River called Beaver Brook in the town of Highland about three miles north of Barryville, New York.
Beaver Brook!

Just the old timey name of Beaver Brook makes one think of a rustic forest idyll gathering fiddlehead ferns in the sylvan world of pine shavings, hickory smoke, crisp starry nights and wild trout!
In fact, tech wiz and Silicon Valley entreprenueur, Zach Klein, featured Beaver Brook in his seminal book "Cabin Porn".
Well, back to reality.

Back in the 1990's there was a landfill in the town of Highland.
After the original owner died and the excrow funds were depleted nobody, and I mean nobody, wanted to take responsibility for the leachate bubbling up and flowing into Beaver Brook and thus into our beautiful river - so beautiful that Congress has deemed it a Scenic and Recreational River.
Not the town, not the county, not New York state nor the National Park Service or the Delaware River Basin Commission.
The landfill thus the real property has been orphaned.

A real hot potato.
Now a report from the NYS DEC comes out stating that some nasty toxins have been leaching into the river for over 20 years.
Here's the article.

QUIZ: Who said it?

Yep. He said it.

July 7 2018

Joe Purcell.

Bumped into Brian Purcell today and he was nice enough to give me one of his uncle's flies.
Joe was a fixture in Sullivan County for many, many years.
Elected County Clerk and then re-elected for many terms, shop owner of Snug Harbor which was a variety store on Main Street in Narrowsburg, publisher of The Delaware Drummer which was an almanac about the comings and goings of our great river valley and expert fly angler.
For many years, Nelson Bryant wrote the Outdoors column for The New York Times. On many of Bryant's excursions to the Upper Delaware River he fished with Joe for shad in the spring.
One day while wading with Joe for shad, and Joe took a few steps into the Delaware got himself in deep water and a wee bit wet where they had to repair to the Narrowsburg Laundromat.
Joe needed to dry off in a hurry and since he didn't have any spare clothes he wanted to throw the wet clothes in a dryer.
From the essay:
" 'No problem, he said, 'I'll dry my things off at the laundromat in town.' On our way to the establishment, he told me that he had gone through the same maneuver four years before.

'A woman was in there doing her laundry,' he said, 'and I asked her if she minded if I disrobed, including my undershorts - I had a shirt with long tails that I kept on -- and she didn't panic.'

The same woman was on hand the second time around, and, perhaps reassured by my presence, she eyed the soggy Purcell and told him to do his thing." "

The essay on Joe is here on page 54...
Many of Nelson's essays from The New York Times from the 1970's through the 1990's were compiled in the book "Outdoors" which is certainly worth reading and having in your library (or fly tying desk!).

New York Times articles from 1982...

and 1988.
And there are more articles about Joe, the Upper Delaware River and the terrific American Shad that for the past two years have made one helluva comback.

Thank you Brian.
I'll treasure the note and Joe's fly.

July 4 2018

Fourth of July in Narrowsburg!

The Narrowsburg Fire Department has been sponsoring a Fourth of July parade and bash since 1902.
Here's your current town board marching in this years parade absent one member.
From the left: Jane Luchsinger, Tony Ritter, Carol Wingert and Brandi Merolla.
The dude with the shades to my immediate left would be Barry Becker who is a Tusten Planning Board member, fellow realtor and part owner of The River Gallery on Main Street in Narrowsburg.
Thankfully, the heavy rain missed us and the parade and chicken BBQ that followed was a great success.

July 2 2018

Custom hand tied fly order.
Out the door.

Ah... Much better than the deli counter at Barney Greengrass. Yummy treats.
We present to you a few sulphurs, Blue Wing Olives and Iso's heading to a repeat client.
Unless he's fishing out west, say in Idaho, Colorado or Montana, this angler will have to use these flies later in the season when the water temperature in the northeast cools down a bit.
Yesterday, water on the Upper Delaware River, East Branch and Beaverkill was a very warm 80 degrees by 6:00pm! Not good for trout. Lethal for trout
Fish flor smallmouth bass until the water temperatures drop below 68 degrees which may be for a few months.
USGS chart is below...

June 30 2018

We're having a heat wave.

Heat wave.
Remember all the talk about the Flexible Flow Management Plan (FFMP) over the last 3...5...8 years?
Look at the USGS numbers for 6:00pm today for all Catskill - Delaware Rivers. Whether they be tailwater or freestone.
They are all too warm to fish for trout.
Please fish for smallmouth bass instead and give the trout a break until the water temperatures fall below 68 degrees.
Way below 68 degrees.

June 29 2018


With the summer season now upon us in Sullivan County in the Catskills along with a heat wave in the mid 90s, it's important to stay cool.
Yes indeed, there are many more Air BnB'ers and touristas making the exodus from their cramped urban digs flocking here to enjoy our neck o' the woods and the attributes of what makes our area so very special.
Drink plenty of liquids, hold the door for others, don't tailgate, count to ten and if you're hot, irratated and longing for the days when the wind chill is 20 below and you're slipping off the side of the road wondering if NYSEG or O and R has restored power to your home - well, enjoy the refreshing clean water of the Upper Delaware River along with plump fresh blueberries, and some icy cold Paul Newman's lemonade with a splash of seltzer on the rocks.

Fly: "White Gloved Howdy"

And what better fly to welcome folks to the beautiful Scenic and Recreational Upper Delaware River?

The White Gloved Howdy!
Try swinging one of these in the skinny riffs to imitate the Isonychias!
Tight lines!

June 22 2018

Bonus Fish I

On today's float trip from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River on the Upper Delaware River we caught and released scores of feisty smallmouth bass using Senkos and Kei-Techs but newcomer Ed Meeker nailed this nice striped bass.

Bonus Fish II

...and not to be outdone, Mike Kudlak caught and released this big toothy pickeral near the Railroad Bridge #9 backwash.
The Upper Delaware River.
Big River.
Beautiful River.
Underfished  River.

June 18 2018


A nice pan shot of the public river access on the Upper Delaware River at Ten Mile River a few miles south of Narrowsburg, New York.

Ten Mile River.

A very pretty sign.
This river access is managed by the National Park Service with the generous assistance of your taxes.


Shoot! I'll contribute a deuce to see a nice cement launching pad and, really, let's ditch the feasibility study.

Happy angler.

Ahoy National Park Service!
Put your heart, soul and minds to it and try to improve this access in this lassie's lifetime.
Why not start with a simple cement slab?
That's Madison Candela with one of many Upper Delaware River she caught and released with her Pop today.
Great fish Madison!

Baby, it's HOT outside!

3:30pm water readings.
A scorcher...and it's only June!

June 17 2018


Could Ian Fleming even get away with using the name Pussy Galore for one of his fictional characters in today's weird politically correct climate. I mean, COULD HE?
But, I digress. Let's talk flyfishing. It's much safer.
To wit, we doff our caps to Gert Fröbe who played James Bond's arch enemy to perfection in the 1964 film of the same name eventhough Mr. Fröbe didn't know, or understand, a word of english when cast by Cubby Broccoli and Harry Saltzman for the part.

A note from a client.

Which brings up to this nice email that I received today from George Keszeli.
George fished the West Branch Delaware this past week in The Gamelands and - oh, his note says it all.
Thank you George!

Success for George.

George's wild West Branch rainbow.
Alas, the smell of skunk for many others who were not plying Mr. Goldfinger.


Above is my rendition of Goldfinger along with Shirley Bassey at the Royal Albert Hall.
Have I posted my nymph that I field tested this past spring?
It's called Pussy Galore.

June 16 2018

"A Trip Along the Upper Delaware River"

Barbara Demarest (host) - Radio Chatskill via WJFF:
I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Barb (my part starts at 13:00 if you have a time bar on your device or computer) along with others that make their living along this special river in the Catskills.
Click for audio
or audio of show available here.

Railroad Bridge #9

Looking south towards Ten Mile River on the beautiful Upper Delaware River.
Erie Railroad bridge built in 1845.


Roger Hill with one of many smallies he caught and released on today's float trip.
Great conditions - water gin clear, normal levels and about 72 degrees by 6:00pm.
Senkos and Kei-Techs.

June 15 2018

The Knuckles

A pan shot of the beautiful Upper Delaware River midway between Ten Mile River and Zane Grey.
The water is gin clear, at normal levels and flow, ranging from 66 to 71 degrees and not a boater in sight!


On our float trip today, we caught and released a mixed bag - smallmouth bass, walleye, brown trout and various panfish.
Clean water... that's what the Upper Delaware River is all about. Have a great weekend and tight lines!

Wall Street Journal.

Big article about the Catskills in the WSJ today.
Specifically, Narrowsburg and Livingston Manor.
Link to article.

June 12 2018

Welcome to Narrowsburg!

Who needs Long Eddy when you have this nice long riffle south of the Pennsylvania access in Narrowsburg?

I spent about two hours mid afternoon wading this riff and nailed shad and bows in about three feet of fast water with the temperature at 66 degrees.

It's "Pine Flats South" Billy!

Here's a pan of that riff on the Upper Delaware River reading from north (left) to south (right).
Gorgeous water.
Do you believe it? Only two hours from NYC.

The 'bows were frisky... about three feet of oxygenated gin clear water.

Tandem bead heads.

Both shad and rainbows gobbled them up on 5x tippet.

Delaware Bone.

This guy took me down to backing and shot straight upriver before making a beeline across the stream.

What a great afternoon and what a beautiful resource we have here.
And after your day on the river, you could top it off with a nice drink, like a Dark n' Stormy or a Screwdriver overlooking the river at one of our town's superb restaurants.

Tight lines!

Deep Water Festival. This weekend: June 15 through 17 in Narrowsburg, NY.

With the beautiful Upper Delaware River as its backdrop, enjoy the first annual "Deepwater Festival" in Narrowsburg.
This weekend.
Info here.

June 10 2018

Welcome to Long Eddy?

Way back in 2014, a property was listed for sale on the Sullivan County MLS.

This riverfront property, which had been flooded a few times and inhabitable, adjoined a town road, used by the public since the late 1800's, in Long Eddy, New York, that led to the Upper Delaware River. This public road provided the only access to the river.

Many folks use this road to access the river for recreational purposes - fishing, kayaking, canoeing, etc.

Since this property was for sale by a willing seller, the Delaware Highlands Conservancy made an offer which was accepted by the seller so that an improved public access could be designed and administered by the NYS Department of Conservation so that folks wouldn't have to park on the railroad right of way which could be considered harmful and not in the best interests of public safety.

In fact, an indigogo campaign was created and drew many contributors to fund the purchase.

As so happens in small towns in our divisive political climate that we live in today, local elected officials, as well as local residents, opposed this project which would enable the public to access this beautiful river, which has been recognized to be a Scenic and Recreational River by Congress and is now administered by the National Park Service.

If elected offcials had copped the same reactionary attitude that we are presently seeing in Long Eddy, NYS DEC public easements which allow the public to enjoy and experience the fabled trout streams on the Beaverkill, East Branch Delaware, Neversink, Mongaup, Willowemoc and other Catskill rivers and streams would be closed for public recreation which would be a shame.

A few letters published in the local press...

Letter 1

Letter 2

What I still don't understand is that this riverfront property had a "FOR SALE" sign for over two years and everyone knew it was for sale.

So, why didn't the town of Fremont just buy it?

Why did they wait until someone else bought it (that they didn't like) and then start complaining?

In this article, the town supervisor even states that he would support a business to have purchased it even if that business had the problems that accompany late nights and noise such as commercial liveries may have.

So his logic makes no sense whatsoever.

Three years later, there still is no improved public access at Long Eddy but these nifty Tee's are for sale.
Color: Day-Glo orange.
Size: One size should fit all.

Public Access / Easements on the Upper Delaware River?

Enjoy this video by Todd Moen of Catch Magazine and be thankful for the public river accesses that we currently have.
Tight lines.

June 6 2018

Chasin' Rainbows.

John McBrinn found his pot o' gold north of Callicoon today.

Sulphurs, Caddis, Light Cahills, Golden Drakes, Olives.
As my man, Captain Kenny T, says: "It's Bug Week!"
Great conditions on the Main Stem - levels, temps, flows and clarity - and nighttime air is in the 40s/50s keeping the water cool.
Tight lines!

Fly: "Bad Boy" #8

Golden Stoneflies are hatching on the Upper Delaware River.
Grease this in the riffs and hold on.
Also use it as an indicator and tie a small bead head on 5x off the bend of "Bad Boy".

June 4 2018

"The Road Not Taken"

Well, why dear reader, would I reference the poet laureate, Robert Frost, in my latest serving of chum?

I arrived in Callicoon in the late afternoon to find seven rigs parked at the Tower Road lot thus assuring me that Miller's Eddy, where I picked up that hog (see below) on June 3rd would be fished heavily.

Making a bee line for the Pennsylvania access below the Callicoon Bridge was a better alternative.

And it paid off.
As Mr. Frost penned in 1916, "it made all the difference"...

Wild brownie.

After breaking off the first nice fish of the evening, here's a nice wild brown that took the CDC Sulphur Loopwing.

CDC Loopwing

Confidence in what you're throwing and a good attitude that the pattern will yield results.
Anglers must embrace that to have success on this river to fool wild trout.
A close up of that fly which is partially chewed but it really doesn't seem to matter to the fish.
I tie these flies for any mayfly - just vary the hook size and color of the body and thorax.
They work like a charm as the dropper fly on about 8 inches of 5x from the larger fly - say a snowshoe spinner or E/C Caddis. This is helpful under low light when you can see the point and use it as an indicator but the way these fish have savagely hit this fly you can set it on feel.

Virgin fly.
Waiting to be eaten.

Completed with recipe.
Hook: Dai-Riki 3X Long #14 and #16 / Dan Bailey
Thread: Uni 8/0 - Light Cahill Yellow
Tail: Pheasant Tail - sparse (golden)
Tail: Mallard - sparse (golden)
Abdomen: Pheasant Tail (golden) / wound
Rib: Fine gold wire / wound over pheasant tail
Thorax: Blend of green dub and yellow stonefly dub
Shuck: CDC dun (2) / from Tco Fly
Legs: Partidge / Veniard / sparse

Nice wild 'bow.

In the net.
This was the last fish of the evening and peeled away all the way to backing.
You knew it had to be one of those magnificent Upper Delaware River rainbows!

Close up.

Damn! Look at those colors!
What a gorgeous wild fish to be released to fight again.

Why I choose to live here.

The Upper Delaware River.
Looking north towards the Callicoon Bridge.

June 3 2018

22+ inch wild fatty

That's a real beauty which took a sulphur loop wing in Miller's Eddy at dusk.

Shad are still feisty too.

This guy took a Green Drake Emerger on the swing.

One more.

They all can't be trophies.

Bug City.

Green Darner.

May 30 2018

And, yes.
There are trout south of Callicoon.

Jim Miller with a brownie.

Thatsa better Jim!

20 inch.

"Poor Man's Salmon"

Mike Breen with a nice shad.


River flows and levels (blue line) are still about a half foot above normal (orange triangles) for this date but they are now the lowest of Spring 2018 coming in at 2,200cfs at Callicoon.

May 26 2018

A note from a customer about my hand tied flies crafted in Narrowsburg, U.S.A.

A text from Don Zimmerman who fished Pine Creek near Slate Run, Pennsylvania.
While other anglers smelled skunk, Don was off the schneid in a hurry much to the chagrin of the other anglers astream.
Looking forward to our float on the Main Stem next weekend Don!

Ja! Herr Klinkmeister!

May 25 2018

Road Trip.

With the Main Stem Upper Delaware River out of commission due to very high levels and flows for the past five weeks (charts below), I figured I would venture out to a freestone like the Willowemoc which would have better flows for dry fly.

Before I did, I made my way to Bà and Me in the river hamlet of Callicoon, New York.

It doesn't get any better than this.

Joan Wulff and Vietnamese food on the Upper Delaware River.
Who would've thought? Thanks Nhi!

CDC Loop Wing March Brown

And, a tasty morsel for...

The same fly. Au naturale.

...this guy!

Let Me Take You Higher.

Undoubtably, this has been the most "challenging" aka worst season for dry fly that I've experienced in the past 24 years of guiding.

Look at those CFS flows and the amount of water the Upper Delaware has had in April and May. We didn't get a break on the Main Stem this spring.

Compare the actual CFS flows (blue line) at Callicoon USGS to the 42 year median for the same location and time period (orange triangles).

Let's hope we can get down to some decent dry fly in June when the CFS flow gets back near 2,500 to 3,500cfs which is normal.

May 15 2018


For the second time in ten weeks, our region experienced an intense weather event along with a multi day power outage.

This time it was a tornado / straight line wind event that produced winds up to 90mph on Tuesday afternon around 3:45pm ET and knocked out power for about five days to Tusten, Highland, Forestburgh and Lumberland.

Narrowsburg also lost Rasmussen's Furniture Store, a fixture on Main Street in our town since the 1920's due to an electrical fire which might have coincided when the substation was rebooted.

The photos speak for themselves...

Fortunately, no one was killed during this storm.
My sincerest thanks for all the service and volunteer companies that responded in a timely manner to this severe weather event which is now becoming more common in the past decade to our region.

May 9 2018

Mixed Bag.
Soaring Eagle to Callicoon.

Bill Murtha with walleye...

...and with brown.
Hatch: Hendrickson, Blue Quill and lots of caddis. Water is in the low 50's by late afternoon.
Level and flow dropping to 3,700cfs - lowest its' been this year and still above normal.

May 7 2018

Mixed Bag.
Soaring Eagle to Callicoon.

Jennifer Angelucci with walleye...

...and a hefty smallie.
Hatch: Hendrickson, Blue Quill and lots of caddis. Water is in the low 50's by late afternoon.

April 28 2018


These USGS charts from this morning speak for themselves.
The blue line is where the flow, height and CFS is right now.
The orange triangles is the 50 to 100 year USGS median of where we should be for this date.
It's been a very tough April with high, cold and fast water levels throughout the Catskill / Upper Delaware River system.
Let's hope May will be better.
Tight lines.

April 20 2018

The Culprit.

50 degree water last Saturday then dropping down to 37 degree water throughout the week put the fish and bugs on ice for the time being.

Fly: Triggerpoint Nymph

Steve's latest report from Lambertville, NJ:

Warmer next week.
Have a great weekend.

April 19 2018


Steve's latest note from Lewis Fishery down in Lambertville, NJ regarding the 2018 shad run.

Current Levels on the Big D at Callicoon, NY

The river is very high and very cold.
8,000cfs at 39 degrees.
It's going to take a long time for this river to recede to somewhat "normal" levels since all NYC reservoirs are spilling.
Projected height in two days at Callicoon is 8,200cfs.
Not much change.
April has been a tough month. Better weather later next week. Warmer and drier.
Tight lines.


NYC DEP reservoir chart.

April 18 2018

Will trout rise to dries at 4,000cfs at Callicoon?

Here's a blast from the past.
At 4.2 feet, or about 4,000cfs, trout were rising to dries steadily at the Callicoon Pool back in July of 2015 when NYC DEP dumped 1,500cfs out of Cannonsville for about five weeks due to a test bore drill mishap.
Yes, the water was in the grass and there was decent current in the pool but most fish were found well below the wire coming up for sulphurs in the slack water.

Today's chart.

9,600cfs and falling this morning at Callicoon.
Got aways to go to 4,000cfs.
Maybe early next week since not much rain is forecast.
Fingers crossed.

April 16 2018

Fly: Little Hellgie.

To scale.

Hellgies can only live in clean and well oxygenated water like the Upper Delaware River.
Look under shallow riffles of less than a foot or two with large flat rocks.

April 15 2018

Movin' On.

You are welcome.
It's been a pleasure to serve.

Much cooler and rain coming in

NOAA / USGS Chart.

The latest from Steve at Lewis Fishery in Lambertville, NJ on the Delaware River.


For March Browns, Grey Fox and Sulphurs.
Just vary the size - #10 through #16.

April 14 2018

Fly: Señor Vonce.

Shad will hit these savagely in the riffles.
Wait til it's 55 to 65 degrees. In May and June.
Best Flow?
Less than 2000cfs measured at Callicoon USGS.

One more from report / email from Steve at Lewis Fishery in Lambertville, NJ on the Delaware River.

Water is 52° down there.
Rough week ahead.
Colder with rain.
Tight lines.

April 13 2018

First shad of the year at Lambertville, NJ

Looks like another excellent run for the shad this year via Rusty Balls Guide Service out of Lambertville, NJ.
Lewis Fishery netted the first take of 2018 at Lewis Island last night. Both bucks and roe's.
Much cooler weather by Sunday with rain. Water is 44 from Port to Callicoon.
Prognosis is shad will be here in two weeks or so.
2018 Shad Article.
Viva Rusty Balls!
Tight lines and have a great weekend.

Poor Man's Salmon.
How long? How long?

Lambertville to Narrowsburg ---> 120miles / 6-8 mpd = 15 to 20 days+/-
or April 28 at Narrowsburg (April 22-24 at PJ) depending on river flow and water temps in the next two weeks.
Tight lines.

April 8 2018

22° this morning in the Catskills.

A good day to cook...

...and tie.

April 7 2018


The last time I checked, the Catskill region in the United States was in the northern hemisphere.
However, eventhough the days are getting longer in New York and Pennsylvania, the water temeperatures as these charts will attest are getting colder.

April 6 2018

Winter is back.

Below freezing air temps at night for the next week won't warm the water.

Water temps all around the Catskills this morning.

Ice cold water temps at 38 degrees and the levels are high.
A better weekend to tie and think of warmer days.
My educated guess is that we have another two weeks of this BS until we get into gear.
I'll call it around April 22nd or so for Paraleps and Hendos...

April 4 2018

Introducing Mr. Kinkmeister

It is conceivable that the biggest fish that you will catch on top this season will be caught on a Red Quill Kinkmeister®

Dry Fly and Hatches Will Have to Wait.

We're not going to see decent hatches until the third week of April this year in the Catskills with this weather.
Chart from NOAA attached. You want the water to consistently reach 50 degrees and stay there for bugs.
In addition, fish are still sleepy. Water is 40 right now, will be 38 tomorrow morn.
Cannonsville is now spilling at 100%+. Cold for the next 10 days.


Current and forecasted river heights for the next 72 hours.
So much for creating those "voids" at Cannonsville Reservoir via the new Flexible Flow Management Plan (FFMP) protocols.
Cannonsville Reservoir (WB Del) was at: 99.7% via NYC DEP yesterday afternoon.
It will begin spilling this afternoon from inflow from Walton from NOAA and continue for a few days.
Rain forecast again for Friday, April 6th.

April 2 2018

High Water.

Projected height at Hale will go over 7 feet by Thursday morning. Chart.

March 31 2018

River / Fish Report: 3/31/18

Not yet.

Weather Forecast via NOAA for the upcoming week.

My God.
More snow.

March 30 2018

Fly: "The Stormy Daniels Collection"

Rated X for
The Upper Delaware River 'bows crush these.

Just like a trip to Zabars on an empty tummy...

...appetizing for the wild Upper Delaware River trout that just can't get enough of these morsels.

Rivers are cold, stained and rising.  
We've got aways to go before the fish get happy and the bugs start hatching.

March 23 2018

Fly: Bead Head Bernie


March 18 2018

Now, the name below sounds serious!

Since the developer (in this case, Delaware River Solar) is getting a big subsidy in the millions for each of these commercial facilities from New York state and, at the same time, asking for 20 to 30 year tax abatements from both the county and state, we really need to get the public on our side!
Let's change that name to something nicer...

Read more from the Sullivan County Partnership interview with Rich Winters, CEO of Delaware River Solar.

Yes, Virginia, it is a... FARM!
2.7 Megawatt Commercial Solar Array
Callicoon, New York is now online.
Biggest facility is New York State.

BUT, now town of Delaware officials are having second thoughts about this new type of "farming"!
Their planning board en masse petitions the town board to rescind their existing commercial solar law and begin a... moratorium!
Excerpt from The Sullivan County Democrat:

Another moratorium.

This is what that new fangled "farming" looks like in western Sullivan County!

Aerial map.

So what's all this worth to the 1) Developer of a commercial solar facility, 2) the person that leases the land to the developer, 3) the person that ties their residential NYSEG utility into this and lastly (usually), 4) the town for (duh) any lost revenue in the form of exemptions, PILOTS { Payment In Lieu Of Taxes} and tax abatements given to the developer in the name of progress?

Here's an interview with Rich Winter, CEO of Delaware River Solar, from
Damn, that's one helluva crop! $300,000 per year from one array!
How many farmers bring in that kind of dough from 20 acres and then get a generous tax deferment?

What's the deal?

The fine print.
This is the deal that the Sullivan IDA struck with the town of Delaware.
$10,000 per megawatt per year or 6% of gross revenue from the sale of electricity from each commercial array equates to about $20,000+ per year as a Payment In Lieu Of Taxes.
The complete IDA contract / resolution can be read here.

Q and A. Straight from the horse's mouth.

Source: O.K. What does Delaware River Solar receive at Baer Rd.; Sullivan County, NY?

In the Baer Road project, DRS received 1.3 million dollars from NYS for a 2.7 megawatt commercial facility along with tax abatements from the IDA.

9800 solar panels / providing power to 350 homes.

What do NYSEG customers that tie into DRS - Baer receive?

A 10% discount which would equate to $60 per year!
{$50 +/- per month x 12 months = $600 annual NYSEG bill less 10% = $60.00 savings for the first year.
2% increase after the first year in cost each year thereafter.

People have been asking to compare the power of the Tusten municipal solar array off of NYS Route 97
which powers just three buildings in Tusten (town hall, highway and water / sewer department) to the Baer Road solar facility.

Town of Tusten Municipal Solar Array: 109.8kw

Baer Road; Town of Delaware; Sullivan County, NY: 2.7 Mgw

Baer Road is 25 times more powerful and takes up about that much space. -------
What kind of PILOT deal?
Examples of two other projects near Ithaca (Enfield - Tompkins County, NY) and the PILOT deal that they cut with the town.
PILOT deal (Town of Enfield) was $8,000 per year per megawatt - or $16,000 per year for revenue to the town. Those were 2 megawatt.
2% annual increase + sales tax + mortage tax benefit
Worth reading the comments from their boardmember below.

One article

And another article.

One more article.


"During Wednesday's hearing, Enfield Councilwoman Beth McGee voiced concern about the tax revenues that will be lost from the projects' PILOT agreements. She noted each project also will receive state subsidies. "The amount of revenue from these projects that will be lost in this town, many of whom struggle to pay tax bills each year, will be nearly $300,000 over the term of these PILOT agreements," McGee said. "All anyone has to do is look around this facility, or our deteriorating equipment inventory or take a drive through town to think of what we could do with $300,000 if we weren't providing these gifts to developers with investors who have money to spend. ... When county reps regularly chastise New York state for strangling municipalities with unfunded mandates, I hope they might see the irony in the IDA accepting development agreements that don't reflect the needs of our communities." The Mecklenburg solar project will receive more than $500,000 from New York taxpayers, and the Delaware River project will receive more than $300,000. McGee said Enfield residents will have to forgo town revenue of $146,000 over 20 years because of the Mecklenburg Solar project. Residents will have to forgo $136,000 because of the the Delaware River Solar project. Both projects will result in no jobs being created in Enfield, she said."


CALLICOON, N.Y. (AP) — Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the state's largest community solar project has been completed in Sullivan County. The 2.7-megawatt solar array with nearly 10,000 solar panels received close to $1.3 million from the state's NY-Sun initiative. It's owned by Delaware River Solar. The governor's office says the facility in Callicoon is expected to cut energy bills for more than 350 homes and businesses. Community solar projects provide access to solar energy in areas where residents may not be able to install their own solar panels.

And on a lighter note...

Sulphur Deer Hair Emerger.

March 16 2018

Kellams Bridge Is Closed For Repairs

Kellams Bridge on the Upper Delaware River located between Long Eddy, New York and Hankins, New York (see map) is closed from now through June 29 2018 and also will be closed after Labor Day.

Plan your float trips accordingly.

Lefty Kreh. R.I.P.

One of the best.

A wonderful teacher and ambassador that the sport of flyfishing was fortunate to have.
New York Times obit here.

March 10 2018

People Planet Politics

I took part in a panel discussion at the Delaware Valley Arts Alliance this afternoon in Narrowsburg, New York.

The complete video can be accessed here.

Panelists (left to right): Tracy Carluccio (Delaware Riverkeeper Network), Ari Mir-Pontier (Sullivan County Human Rights Commission), Barbara Arrindell (DCS), Tony Ritter (Town of Tusten Councilman), Wes Gillingham (Catskill Mountainkeeper)

A few March Browns

Sparkle Duns and Snowshoe Loop Wings Emergers.

March 9 2018

Riley and Quinn Arrested for Disorderly Conduct

An excellent article written by Matt Shortall from today's Sullivan County Democrat of the aftermath of last week's two nor' easters and how warming centers aided rural communities in Tusten, Highland, Lumberland and Forestburgh.
A Gift from Catskill John

Look what I found!
My main man, Catskill John, a great tier in his own right and superb angler with the long rod, sent me some nice urine stained fox fur for those snowshoe Hendos I do love to tie and that the wild Upper Delaware River trout love to devour.
Thank you John! Let's have a drink and pizza this season.
May you have light breezes and many tight lines in 2018.

March 8 2018

Snowcover: A Two Week Comparison

Well, here's a nice simple graphic of the current snowcover (right map) we have in the Catskills / Poconos / Upper Delaware region of New York and Pennsylvania.

We've gone from no snowcover two weeks ago to over 16 to 24 inches today.

Here are the stats from NYC DEP:
After thaw, all NYC reservoirs will all be spilling this year.
Total NYC storage for this date is: 95.5%
Historical NYC storage for this date is: 86.9%
Cannonsville (West Branch Delaware River): 94.2%
Pepacton (East Branch Delaware River): 94.9%
Neversink (Neversink River): 99.2%

A lot of water and we still have 6 to 8 weeks more of seasonal precip.
Catskill / Pocono rivers and streams will be full and cold this spring. Good for trout and shad.


Since last Friday, March 2nd, the Upper Delaware River Valley has experienced two Nor' Easters. On the morning of Friday the 2nd, we got shellacked with Riley with brought heavy snow and sustained winds of over 50+ mph for over 16 hours. The combination of heavy wet snow and high winds throughout the day snapped trees and limbs which then brought down many power lines and Narrowsburg was out of power for about four days before power was restored on Tuesday the 6th.

Then, on March 7th, we experienced Quinn which also brought another foot of heavy snow to the region.
Areas, however, to the south and east, received more snow but this time we didn't have the strong winds.
Unfortunately, many in the outlying areas in the town of Tusten were still without power after six days and the town of Highland, the township to our south, still has 75% of their residents without power (screenshot below) and that is now almost a week!

Our operators are standing by.

No matter how hard NYSEG crews, (along with many other crews from Canada and other states) battled to restore power to the region, and they did a yeomans job through bad roads and downed trees, the data and information on NYSEG's corporate website was either incomplete or incorrect.

Your best source for data mining for up to date and truthful information was social media like Facebook.
Kaitlin Carney Haas, a town councilperson for the town of Highland deserves many kudos for keeping her constituents and neighboring townships informed on a timely basis.
Thank you Kaitlin!

E/C Caddis: From the trout's perspective.
With all this snowcover, the spring season, when it finally begins, should be excellent.

My guess is that the hatches will be normal to late this year which bodes well for water temps to be in the 50's and 60's all the way through June with reservoirs at over 100% and plenty of water in the rivers and streams.

Last year, we had the best shad run in twenty years along with plenty of cool, high water (scroll back) and this year looks to be similar.

One fly pattern that's been a killer for the Upper Delaware River wild trout has been Ralph Cutter's E/C Caddis. Spring will soon be here (let's hope). Tight lines!

The Calm After the Storm

Why we live here.

March 7 2018

The Maestro!

The Maestro, Alan Kaufman, stopped by my booth at the annual four day fishing EXPO in Rockland over the weekend.

In my new article on Upper Delaware River smallmouth bass fishing in the Spring 2018 issue of Catskill - Delaware magazine they featured Alan with a gorgeous trophy bronzeback he caught and released.

Here's Alan alongside yours truly at the show and - YES! - that's Alan on the pedestal with a smallie photographed about 20 years ago.

Alan's the only client and friend that looks younger after twenty years but his fish keeps getting bigger!

Alan with a nice Upper Delaware River shad...


...and a trophy Big D. smallmouth...

Nice fish Alan!

...and a beautiful Upper Delaware wild 'bow!

A great angler who is a terrific friend!

February 27 2018

NYC DEP Snow Survey

Here's the latest snow survey from NYC DEP along with charts comparing the previous four years.
In 2017 there was no snow for this date but we got walloped with 36 inches on 3/15/17 and had a wet spring and in 2016 there was no snow for this date and we had a dry and warm March.

It all depends on this March. Stay tuned.


March 1 through 4.
I'll be at Booth #425 at the Rockland Fishing EXPO in Suffern, New York.
Stop by and say hello if you're at the show!

February 23 2018

Think Spring.
New article in the Catskill - Delaware Spring 2018 magazine!

My article on the feisty Upper Delaware River smallmouth bass hit the stands today in the Sullivan County Democrat .

Did you know that Field and Stream named the Upper Delaware River as one of the top five smallie rivers in the United States?
The magazine will be available at the four day fishing EXPO next week at the Rockland County College Fieldhouse.
Show dates are Thursday through Sunday, March 1 through 4 and I'll be giving seminars on Thursday and Saturday and will be at Booth #425.

Fish info for show dates, times and exhibitors are here.

February 21 2018

The Big Push.

The Big Eddy. Upper Delaware River. Narrowsburg, New York.
12 noon; Wednesday February 21 2018.

That's it folks!


All gone.
The Catskills / Poconos / Upper Delaware River Valley region is in the yellow oval.

Plenty of water.

Currently we are above the historical average for total water in New York City's reservoir storage for this date.
A good thing for the upcoming spring trout season.
We had a similiar situation in 2016 where there was no snowcover in March and Hendrickson / Blue Quill began to show in Callicoon by April 15th.
Too soon to tell.
It all depends on whether we get hammered with snow in March (like in 2017) or not (like 2016).

February 12 2018

Snowcover... diminished.

As you can see, the current snowpack in the Catskills / Poconos has greatly diminshed over the past few days since we received rainfall. We have anywhere from 2 to 6 inches depending on shade and elevation down from over a foot a week ago.

Mid winter thaw.

40's to low 50's is forecast for midweek and that will melt most of the remaining snowcover.


I borrowed from Hans Von Klinken's (Klinkhamer) and Ralph Cutter's (E-C Caddis) pattern to design a hybrid of two very successful patterns. Pictured is a big meaty March Brown found in the Catskills throughout May but this pattern can be designed to match almost any mayfly - just vary the hook size and color.

Upper Delaware March Brown Kinkmeister

Look how The Kinkmeister sits flush in the water. The abdomen slightly below the surface while the parachute keeps the fly from becoming completely submerged and the deer hair post acts as a great strike indicator.

February 7 2018

We got snow.

Current snowpack in the United States with the Catskill / Upper Delaware River region in the red box.
We have about 6 to 10 inches depending on location, elevation and shade.
After today's storm, the Upper Delaware River Valley will have more than a foot and higher elevations near Slide Mountain with have close to two feet.

Current NYC DEP reservoir stats

Actual water storage for this date is very close to the historical averages with 6 to 8 weeks of winter to come.
Snowcover will add to the volume when the snow finally melts.

Doppler radar of the current storm.

It looks like an all day affair.
NOAA is forecasting from 6 to 12 inches.

Home Sweet Home.

A good day to tie flies!

The Fly Fishing Show - Audio / Podcast by Guide Rob Snowwhite
Didn't make it to last week's Fly Fishing Show in Edison, New Jersey?
No problem. You're in good hands with my man, Rob Snowwhite, who guides out of The Old Dominion.
Rob and I along with "Uncle" Bob Hopken shared a table (that's right - ONE table - and, yes, it was cozy) at the Fly Fishing Show tying all sorts of patterns that amazed and enthralled the crowd.
Sit back, sip a single malt, close your eyes and enjoy the festivities.
Will Chuck and Ben invite us back again next year? Well, that remains to be seen.
My plug about the Upper Delaware River starts around 7:55.
Thanks Rob...wishing you light breezes and tight lines for 2018!

February 2 2018

Lot of ice...but no snow.

As you can see, here's a photo of The Big Eddy on the Upper Delaware River in Narrowsburg, New York taken this afternoon which has a lot of ice but no snow.
It's been a cold winter so far in the Catskills with very little snow.

Paraleps (aka Blue Quill)

Daiichi 1180 size 18
Thread: Uni 8/0
Shuck: EP Trigger Point (sparse / grey)
Body: EP Trigger Point [grey] wound tight to form segmentation
Wing: EP Trigger point (full / white / cut like comparadun style)
Thorax: Fine grey dub (full)

New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy (D) Joins
Neighboring Governors in United Front against Fracking

Article published yesterday.
The tally?
That's 4 governors (NYS, PA, NJ and DE) that make up the Delaware River Basin Commission IN FAVOR OF the DRBC frack ban along the Delaware River and 1 NAY (FEDS)
Majority rules. The vote will probably occur late in 2018 or in 2019. Mazel.

January 29 2018

The 2018 Fly Fishing Show

Yours truly at the annual Fly Fishing Show.
This year the show was held in Edison, New Jersey and the attendance was great.
Got a few comments on the pony tail.

Loop Wing Sulphur Emerger

Was tying next to Uncle Bob Hopken out of Jersey who is on the Enrico Puglisi's pro staff so I started playing around with EP Trigger Point fibers at the show and knocked out a few loop wings in place of my beloved snowshoe rabbit.
Needless to say...I'm hooked.
More importantly, I believe the fish this season on the Upper Delaware River will be too!

Daiichi 1150 size 16
Thread: Uni 8/0
Tail: Phesant tail (webby / sparse)
Body: EP Trigger Point wound tight to form segmentation
Breaking loop wing: EP Trigger point (picked out)
Thorax: Spectrum Caucci-Nastasi Sulphur Dub (full)
Legs: Partridge

No snow cover in the Catskills / Upper Delaware River region

Going into the last week of January, the Catskills has absolutely no snowcover.

October 21 2017

Pretty woman.
Beautiful fish.

Leslie Yee with one of many smallmouth bass that she caught and released on today's float trip from Long Eddy to Callicoon.
Leslie caught The Delaware River Grand Slam - rainbows, browns, walleye and smallies with this fish taping out to 17+ inches.
The weather in the Catskills has been fabulous for late October - 70's, dry and sunny.

September 27 2017

First Cast.

Didn't even have to row the boat far for this beast.
After launching the driftboat, I was demonstrating the finer points of casting a four inch Senko to the client and...BAM!
Yes. The smallmouth bass fishing has been superb on the Upper Delaware River.

September 24 2017

Upper Delaware River Trophy!

That's Bob Keene with a 20 inch trophy!
What a great looking river bronzeback.
Perfect smallmouth bass conditions continue on this outstanding resource.
Great fish Bob! Tight lines!

September 23 2017

The Guide.

Our trip took us from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River.
What a gorgeous day!
The water is gin clear, temps are in the 70's and the levels are great. Friends, just use those 4 inch Senkos rigged Wacky and that's all you'll need to catch a lot of fish.
Hey, that me holding Max Thomas's nice smallmouth.

Max's Pop

That's Max's Dad, Michael, with one of many legal smallmouth bass father and son caught and released on today's float trip on the beautiful Upper Delaware River.

September 22 2017

Perfect smallmouth conditions!

Outstanding smallmouth bass fishing on our beloved Upper Delaware River continues.
Crystal clear water, water temperature in the low 70s and great low levels.
Big bass and lots of the them on our float from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River this afternoon. Half day trip is yielding 40+ fish with 50% legal and many over 15 inches. No rain is forecast with more warm and sunny days for the next week.
Wet a line for smallies. All four inch Senkos rigged Wacky.

Yep. Per.

Gol darn that's the beautiful Narrowsburg Bridge in the background with John Margicin and some real nice fish.
Tight lines! (Which we had plenty of today!)

September 19 2017


Did you know that the Upper Delaware River was named by "Field and Stream" magazine as one of the top five smallmouth rivers in the United States?


September 18 2017


Couldn't ask for better conditions for river smallmouth.
Gin clear, low levels and water temperature at 73 degrees.
Dave Speck with a nice one caught and released on today's float trip south of Narrowsburg, New York.


One more...

It doesn't get better than this.

Dave plying the waters of the Upper Delaware River near Railroad Bridge #9 near Tusten Settlement.

September 17 2017

Yo Yo.

Great to play with.
Wonderful to listen to.
Awful when it comes to water management.

An example of a yo-yo release from Cannonsville on the West Branch of the Delaware in the last 24 hours.

September 10 2017

Upper Delaware River Selfie.
You're really as young as you feel.

Playing in the Band.

Bronzebacks galore!

Mike Leonetti with a nice one.
Gol Darn! Was it nice out there this afternoon or wha...?

Thumbs up.

And another.
And another...

Topwater Feed at Dusk

Jimmy Parilli with a nifty bass north of Ten Mile River.
Superb conditions with the better bite late afternoon into evening.
Blessings and prayers to our Southern friends.

September 8 2017

Well fed and chunky.

The same white shad popper as seen below used on today's float trip from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River successfully.
The better bite is in the afternoon towards evening.
Water is gin clear, at normal levels and cool at 61 degrees but the smallies took the topwater poppers with abandon after 3:00pm.
Plenty of mayflies on the surface for them to look up to - BWO's, Iso's, Cahills and Sulphurs. Great topwater conditions!

Home Sweet Home.

There's no place like the Upper Delaware River!

September 7 2017

Well, well, well...

Read on dear on.

September 6 2017

Topwater blitz!

Close up of one of my white shad popper designs tied on size 4.
This has been a very successful pattern on the smallmouth bass at dusk for the past few weeks due to the abundance of shadling heading back to the Atlantic Ocean.
It doesn't take much to get a nice gurgle and pop out of this baby.

Current Conditions.

Water levels are gin clear and at the lowest levels of the season.
Perfect for topwater!

NYC Cuts Reservoir Releases from 500cfs to 250cfs at Cannonsville (WB Delaware) as of September 5th.

As you can see due to the failure of the states of New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania and Delaware to agree on an extension of the FFMP, NYC released more cold water than they had to for the past 90days as of June 1st for the benefit of wild trout and businesses during the summer months.
That release has since been cut back after Labor Day per NYC and will be cut back more after October 10th.
Cannonsville is currently at 79% capacity. Pepacton at 86%.
Total NYC storage for this date is about 8% higher than the historical average. 86% (Actual) vs. 78% (Historical).

September 3 2017

LABOR DAY EDITION: Entrepreneurs on the River
Hey! Hot Dog Man!
Gimme two with some kraut and mustard.

Here's a nifty video of the Delaware River shot about 125 miles south of us.
Far, far, far below the area that the National Park Service (NPS) and the United States Congress has designated where the river is "Scenic and Recreational".
Daytrippers enjoying the great outdoors down there declare that
The Delaware River..."better than the Caribbean!".

Click for full video!
Heck, I see more bald eagles than people kayaking or tubing on the beautiful "Scenic and Recreational" Upper Delaware River on most stretches up here (and forget about those string bikinis in the video...wish there were!).
Well, you can't have everything but the fishing is mighty fine.
Enjoy...and tight lines!

August 28 2017

Perfect conditions!

Well, right off the bat, Mark Freemyer nailed a dandy river smallmouth at the Narrowsburg / PA access to start our float this afternoon.
The trip was the usual 5 mile stretch- Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River - which has been very hot for the past month using 4" Senkos and Kei's so why change when the sports are catching fish.
Water: Gin clear / 68 degrees / lowest levels and flow for at least a month+.
Great conditions.

August 25 2017

All you need are Senkos.

Steven Goldfield with one of many legal Upper Delaware River bronzebacks he caught and released on this afternoon's float trip south of Narrowsburg, New York on the Upper Delaware River.

August 24 2017

Coming to the Upper Delaware River on September 5th!

Word from Adam Bosch of NYC DEP yesterday is that as of September 5th, NYC will cut back all the water releases from their reservoirs - Cannonsville, Pepacton and Neversink.
Cannonsville on the West Branch of the Delaware will be reduced from 500cfs to 275cfs until early October when the release will be cut more.
You can read NYC DEP's complete press release here.
Sullivan County (NY) legislators have chimed in on this matter as well.
Here is their official letter to all the players.
This is an interesting policy change from NYCDEP since the total capacity for this date is currently: 89.5%
when historically it should be: 82.1%
So, right now, we're way above where we should be regarding water availability.
My guess is that they're cutting back due to cooler nights and shorter days thus the trout will not be in any danger due to warm water but let's hear it for Chris Christie, lame duck governor of New Jersey.
New Jersey's inaction at the bargaining table with the other DRBC states to address the ongoing concern of the Flexible Flow Management Plan (FFMP) since June 1st has accounted for this stalemate.
Christie's approval rating is now about 18%. Nope. Make that 15%.

August 21 2017


For the many years that I've guided on this beautiful river, I've had the pleasure of taking fathers and son's (and daughters) out on the water to learn to fish.
Yesterday, Meaghan DeCelie fished with me for smallmouth bass.
As you can see, back in 2002, Meaghan exhibited her angling skills with her pink Barbie closed face spinning reel and her talents have gotten better throughout the years.
Meghan's now in college and I wish her a great year ahead.

Père et fille.

That's Frank, Meaghan's dad, and Meaghan after another successful float trip on the Upper Delaware River.
Time flies! I can't believe I've been guiding for 23 years...and with the same driftboat!
Frank and Meaghan - I wish you both light breezes and many tight lines for many many years to come!

August 18 2017


Thanks John.
It was a pleasure to fish with you many times in 2016 and 2017.
Wishing you plenty of tight lines and light breezes.

August 17 2017


Jeff Doerner with a trophy 20 inch Upper Delaware River smallmouth.
Where else?
Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River. A very hot stretch.
Today it was all Senkos.

Quadruple legal limit.

Dave Weinstein with one of many legal fish caught and released on this afternoon's float trip in the beautiful Upper Delaware River.
Great conditions!

August 15 2017

Yes, 50!

John Pellegrino fished with me on this great stretch of water from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River this afternoon and easily caught and released in excess of fifty smallmouth bass.

Scrappy AND Chunky.

Pound for pound, you just can't beat the Upper Delaware River smallmouth bass!

August 14 2017

Bronze Beauty.

The star of the show...the Upper Delaware River smallmouth bass!
Here with Kevin Kennedy on today's river float trip somewhere between Narrowsburg and Ten Mile River.
What a beautiful river bronzeback!

August 12 2017

Bonus walleye(s)

A few nice wally for my man, Rick Carney, who brought home the bacon with this nice 'eye along with over forty smallmouth bass on today's float trip south of Narrowsburg, New York on the beautiful Upper Delaware River.

Make it chartreuse.

Have confidence in what you throw.

August 11 2017

Shad fry are out.

Plenty of forage this year as the shadling head back down to the Atlantic and the smallmouth nail them in the skinnies.

Shad Popper

Don't leave home without one (or two) of these patterns in late summer / early fall.

August 8 2017

Big 'un.

Yep per.
THAT'S a good'un!
Great smallmouth conditions on the fabulous Upper Delaware River.
John Pellegrino with a nice bronzeback caught and released on today's river float trip.
Kei - Techs rule.

Clouser Minnow.

Works nice when the fish aren't hitting topwater.
With the excellent shad run this spring, they'll be plenty of 3 inch shadlings heading back down to the Atlantic in the next eight weeks.
Try one and hold on.

August 3 2017

Double limit.

Eight year old Mason Reed fished with me on the Upper Delaware River this afternoon and the young angler caught a double limit of smallmouth bass along with two dandy fish that went over the 17 inch mark.

Another nice bronzeback...

...and one more!
What a great afternoon for this terrific angler.
Tight lines always Mason.
It was a pleasure fishing with you and Steve today.


My version of the topwater fly pattern "Blockhead Popper".
Use on a 7 or 8 weight flyrod.
Turns over great for a wind resistant fly, has a great gurgle and casts 50+ feet.
Available in yellow (shown), white, black and chartreuese by emailing me.

...or spin.

Mason nailed all these fish using a sixteenth ounce Gamakatsu lead head jig tipped with a 3.5 inch Kei-Tech.
Available at Tom's Bait and Tackle in Narrowsburg, New York.

July 28 2017

Here's savvy angler, young Dalton Miller, from the Buckeye State, who fished with me on today's float with his Pop.
Both father and son had never visited our beautiful river valley and spent a week camping out and exploring the Upper Delaware River.
The water is still stained to about 4 feet and has cooled down into the mid sixties. Last week it was in the upper 70's before we got hit with heavy downpours especially upriver in Hancock and Deposit.
Still, all in all, a very good float from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River today with over 50 fish.
Senkos and Kei-Techs are all you need for a productive day.

July 21 2017

60+ Fish.

Roger Gaglione with one of 60 bronzebacks our boat caught and released on today's river float from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River.
Great conditions with water temperatures in the mid 70's and good levels.
Kei-Techs rule.

Freshwater Lobster Traps Set in The Big Eddy.

They'll be some mighty fine eating at our local restaurants with this farm to table delicacy.

July 11 2017

The Kids Are All Right.

Johnny Pellegrino fished with his Grand Dad on the beautiful Upper Delaware River today.
Our float trip went from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River and both anglers caught and released in excess of fifty bass.
Superb conditions on the river right now for the bronzebacks. The water is clear, in the 70s and the levels are normal.
Senkos and Kei-Techs are all you need for a productive day chasing these scrappy and fiesty fish.
The Upper Delaware River...Living The Dream® ™

July 1 2017

Bonus Fish.

Gol' Darn!
Here's Alan Kaufman with a dandy Upper Delaware River striped bass he caught and released on today's float trip from Narrowsburg to Ten Mile River. Smallmouth conditions are superb.
Water temperature is 73, levels and flow are normal and the clarity is great.
Happy Fourth and tight lines!
The Upper Delaware River...Living The Dream® ™

June 22 2017

Summer's here folks!

Enjoy the river...but respect it.

June 17 2017


Yeah mon.
We still fish for the shad.
Jai Smith with one of seven shad he caught on the Soaring Eagle to Callicoon drift on the Upper Delaware River.
They were thick as thieves and fight like bonefish.

Bigger fish.
Jai's Seventh.

Helluva day on the Big D.

June 16 2017

Overcast and Drizzle...

...a perfect walleye day!
Jim Phillips with a nice fat Upper Delaware River walleye he caught and released south of Kellams bridge on today's float.
A mixed bag for Jim - 9 brown trout, 1 rainbow, 1 shad, 1 walleye and a handful of smallmouth bass.
That's what we call a Big D. Grand Slam.
Congrats Jim!

Looking south towards The Chutes.

There's no place like it.
The Upper Delaware River.

May 28 2017

They're still here...

...and feisty!
Alan Kaufman with a nice Upper Delaware River shad at Ten Mile River late this afternoon.
Cool weather is keeping the water temperatures in the upper fifties to low sixties which is perfect for trout and shad.

May 27 2017

The wild Upper Delaware River rainbows!

Spots, coloration, proportions, strength...the jewels of the river!
The Maestro. Alan Kaufman with one of four wild Big D. 'bows that he caught and released on today's float trip from Long Eddy to Callicoon, New York.
Overcast, no wind, water temperature was a cool 58 degrees for Memorial Day and the clarity is gin clear.
On paper, that's about a ten out of a ten.
Hatches, however were, weak. Caddis, sulphurs, Grey Fox and an occaisonal Drake but surface targets were few and far between.

What we fight for.
What is at stake.
Excellent essay in The New York Times by Jeff Skelding of Friends of the Upper Delaware River.

Please read and distribute.
Deadline is May four days.

Please call these folks that will decide the fate of water releases for your river.

Thank you and tight lines!.

May 23 2017

Big Brown.

Who said that there's no trout south of Callicoon?
Here's a hefty 20 incher that John Pellegrino caught and released south of Narrowsburg. Yes, Narrowsburg on today's float trip.


Great river conditions. Water was 58 degrees and the clarity and levels are excellent.
Hatches downriver?
Cadddis, Sulphurs and a few March Browns.

#9 Railroad Bridge near Tusten Settlement.

The Upper Delaware River.
There's no place like it.

May 20 2017

Mixed Bag.

More shad were caught on today's float trip from Long Eddy south to Callicoon on the Big D.
Here's Glenn Catanzariti with a nice American shad...

...along with a lanky 20 inch walleye.

Besides walleye and shad, Glenn was also into wild trout and smallmouth bass making the day's outing an Upper Delaware River Grand Slam!

May 19 2017

Upper Delaware River American Shad
"The Poor Man's Salmon"

What a run it's been this year!
Probably the best shad run in over fifteen years!
Here's Kevin Kearsey with one of five shad he nailed north of Callicoon, New York on the Upper Delaware River on our half day afternoon float trip.

What normal river levels and current flows looks like.

The green box....NOT the red box.
Great conditions right now on the Big D.

May 12 2017

Another day on the wild and wooly West Branch.
MORE big fish.

Richard Quigley, a veteran river angler, with a dandy wild brown that he caught and released this afternoon.
Hatches were sparser than yesterday with Caddis, Blue Quills and Hendrickson showing from 3:00 until 5:30pm.

Like son!

Sean Quigley with another nice wild brown.
Richard and Sean caught over ten nice fish between them. All brownies except one rainbow.

------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------------------------------------

Phil Chase

A great man has passed.
Phil Chase - teacher, angler, conservationist, was one of the original advocates for clean water and cold water releases for the magnificent Upper Delaware River wild trout fishery.
The river and those that love the Catskill / Upper Delaware River region have lost a true friend.
I will miss him very much.
His full obituary.

May 11 2017

Wild West Branch.
Big fish.

Steve Peleschuk with one of many big wild browns he caught and released on today's float from Balls Eddy to Buckingham.

One more.

Great hatches of caddis, Blue Quill and Hendricksons with happy fish rising from 3:00pm until 5:30pm.
Water hit 53, clarity is good and the river level is still high at 4500cfs so wading is very limited.

Seventh Heaven.

No wind, high clouds and good targets by mid afternoon.
We're about three miles south of Hancock on the Main Stem.

Auto Mall? Nope.
EVERYBODY loves to fish.

Balls Eddy Pennsylvania State Access with about 30 rigs...and it's a weekday!

Get a boat.

This USGS chart speaks for itself.

May 10 2017

West Branch.

Andy Vallardares with a nice wild West Branch Delaware Brown.
Point Mountain in Hancock, NY in the background.

Rivers are still high...

Water in the grass and wading the branches and Main Stem is not possible.

Due to Cannonsville and Pepacton Reservoirs...

...still spilling.
(They've now been spilling for about three weeks.)

Guess what?

MORE rain is forecast for this Saturday and into Sunday.
Over an inch.
When will it end?
Our actual precip for the past three months far exceeds the historical averages. See NYC DEP chart above.

May 6 2017

Spring 2017.
A lot of water.
Take a look at the charts below.

40 Day USGS Chart for Callicoon, NY on the Upper Delaware River.
75% of the time the CFS levels were above the 40 year median. (Orange Triangles)

And on the West Branch?
92% of the time, CFS levels were above the 40 year median. (Orange Triangles)


40 Day USGS Chart for Hale Eddy on the West Branch of the Delaware River.

May 5 2017

Wash Out.
Wipe Out.
Blown Out.

O.K., good morning.
Let's start out with where we are for Friday May 5th 2017 with a series of factual charts.
USGS numbers.

Here are the current USGS stats for the Upper Delaware River system.
As you can see, all of the rivers are high at 7500cfs, fast and cold at 47 degrees.
In fact, the water in Callicoon has dropped more than 12 degrees since this past Monday. Why? A lot of rain and colder air temps.
Rivers will rise over the next few days. Why?
Because it's raining right now.

NYC DEP Reservoirs Levels

Both Cannonsville (WB Delaware River) and Pepacton (EB Delaware River) are over 100% and continue to spill thus the river levels are not going down.

Radar for today - Friday, May 5th

More rain today (and tomorrow).

Callicoon - Water level...

High, fast current and rising.

Hale Eddy - Water level...

High, fast current and rising.

And, lastly, NOAA water level/ CFS projections.
For Callicoon...

High, fast current and rising.

...and for Hale Eddy on the West Branch.

High, fast current and rising.
Not good.

Weather forecast for next week?

Cloudy and cool. That water temperature won't get over 52. and it will remain high.
Tight lines.

May 2 2017

Blown Out.

Like I said yesterday. Take a look at the Beaverkill USGS chart for this morning. They received over 3 inches of downpours last night.
More rain is coming this Friday as well. At the point, we'll be fishing for trout through June!
(Once the rivers get back to normal.)
So, in the meantime, I'll tie up some more of those E/C Caddis. Tight lines!

The Big Eddy in Narrowsburg, New York

High, Brown and Windy.
Not exactly great conditions to toss a dry fly - or anything for that matter.

65 Day USGS Chart for Callicoon / Main Stem UDR

To show you how high the level has been this spring, here is USGS chart for Callicoon, NY
on the UDR & how often it was above the 40 year median.

Anything above 3500cfs at Callicoon is high & fast - not conducive for fish to come up for dryfly.
Callicoon is currently @ 14,000cfs or 3X the normal flow.
Chart attached. Red boxes are time periods in the past 65 days above the median level.
More rain this Friday!

What does a guide do on their day off?
Say a prayer.

No more rain for awhile.

May 1 2017

1 for 4

The guide went .250 today with plenty of targets of caddis, Hendrickson and Blue Quill.
You couldn't ask for better fishing conditions. Falling barometer before a storm, dead calm, overcast with humdity, water level the best its been this spring and water temperature at 52.
From the monent I put the boat in the water at Callicoon Pool close to 3:00pm until about 5:30pm there were targets and bugs.
I went 1 for 4.

Callicoon Pool

The E/C Caddis nailed four fish this afternoon.
In fact, every fish caught on top this spring has been with that pattern!

T-Storms / Rain and a Strong Cold Front Coming

Pretty graphic.
Strong winds tomorrow and Wednesday.
Fishing will shut down for a few days.

April 29 2017

A better fish than Wednesday's brownie.

Another nice wild Upper Delaware River brown that smashed an EC Caddis in the Callicoon Pool this afternoon.
Water level is still up a foot but the clarity is great and temperature is 58 degrees.
Hatches of Blue Quill, a few Hendos and Caddis.
Cloud cover definately helps since the fish were rising mid afternoon eventhough we had to adjust to north wind gusts.

Close up of the killer fly. E/C Caddis.

Originally designed by Ralph Cutter in the High Sierra's. One of my favorite ties especially when the caddis are on the water. This has been a best seller for me. Try one...or two.

Pan of the Upper Delaware River

Looking south of Callicoon.
No place like it. God's Country.

A great stretch of river.

Fish or no fish.

Busman's Holiday

Anyday on this river is a holiday.

April 26 2017

Finally. 2017 Dry Fly on the Upper Delaware River Begins!

A nice wild Upper Delaware River brown that took an EC Caddis on top this afternoon in the Callicoon Pool.
Water temperature hit 54 degrees and the level is at 4500cfs. That's still a foot plus higher than normal due to reservoir spill, release and feeders coming in.
Nonetheless, good hatches of Hendrickson, Blue Quill, various Caddis and EBS.

There's a nice Hendrickson perched on my sunglasses...

...wating to be eaten.

Great to back in Callicoon Pool!

April 20 2017

Early bird shad on the Upper Delaware River!

A nice silvery fat roe caught and released north of Callicoon, New York on the main stem Upper Delaware River.
Surprising since the river has been high, bank full and running fast with water temperatures today hitting 54 degrees. See chart below.

30 Day USGS river level at Callicoon

As you can see the river has been running very high and fast for most of April due to the reservoirs at Cannonsville (WB Del) and Pepacton (EB Del) being over 100% and spilling.
In addition, the Catskills has received a lot of rain as well as runoff from the 36 inches of snow we received in mid March 2017.

April 8 2017


Getting ready.
A handful of Early Black Stoneflies.

Hi - Viz.

On their way out the door.
Some Hi - Viz Parachutes tied up for a fly customer. The trout love 'em.

March 15 2017


Now I know what Andy Dufresne felt like digging out.
Narrowsburg got hit hard with 36 inches of snow.
Will be good for the water table and spring trout fishing.

March 4 2017

2017 World Fishing EXPO at Rockland County, NY

A nice crowd showed up for my seminars about the beautiful Upper Delaware River at the 2017 World Fishing EXPO in Suffern, New York.

November 22 2016

The 2016 International Fly Tying Symposium in Somerset, NJ

Yours truly tying away and meeting new friends this past weekend.

The water is real cold and we're ready for winter hibernation and tying flies...

In the 30's.

Capacity at Cannonsville Resrrvoir (West Branch Delaware River) is now below 19%.

Let's hope for some decent snowpack this winter to refill those NYC reservoirs since they are now about 20% below where they should be for late November.

November 10 2016

November...and the water temperature is a cold 45 degrees!
Wild Upper Delaware Rainbow.

Jack Curley with a beautiful Big D. rainbow that he caught and released near Hankins on today's float trip.

October 10 2016

Upper Delaware River.
Looking towards New York and Callicoon at the Pennsylvania boat access.

Very low water.

USGS Chart for Callicoon on the Upper Delaware River

Levels and flow are way below the 40 year median. (orange triangles)

October 6 2016

20 inch Upper Delaware River smallmouth bass

Michelle Leddy caught and released this beauty south of Narrowsburg, New York on this afternoon's float trip.
Great fish Michelle!

Yes. The Ice Pupa (again).

This time in green.
They both work well.

Eel weir south of Narrowsburg, NY.

Low water levels. Probably the lowest in five years due to no rain and NYC cutting back reservoir releases.

September 27 2016

More rainbows for Earl.

North of Hankins, New York on the Upper Delaware River.

When in doubt...

...the ice pupa abides.
Available in green, grey and, as shown, tan.

September 25 2016

Nice wild Upper Delaware River 'bow.

Earl caught and released this chunky wild Main Stem UDR rainbow on today's float trip south of Long Eddy, NY.

Thus, try the following this fall in the fast riffles on the Upper Delaware River...

Bead head Isonychia CDC nymph. Size 12.

Need rain in the Catskills.

Pan shot of Ten Mile River south of Narrowsburg, New York a tributary of the Upper Delaware River.
All of the Catskill / Pocono streams and feeders are very low and bony.

September 19 2016

An honest 16 inch fattie.

Right off the bat, Todd connected with this feisty river bronzeback and said:
"That's a good 'un!"
We agree.

September 17 2016

Wild Bow.

Señor James Parilli with a nice 19 inch wild rainbow caught and released north of Callicoon today.

August / September 2016

Upper Delaware Smallmouth Bass. The time to catch them is NOW.



Great fighters

on spin...

and fly!

One of the best smallmouth bass rivers in the U.S.A.!
Here's a nice 19 and a half inch bronzeback that Alan Kaufman caught and released south of Ten Mile River this afternoon!

Even a 14 inch bronzeback will take you into backing.
This fish took a black gurgler on top at dusk.

Upper Delaware River Gurglers!
The bronzebacks smack these topwater flies silly in the skinny fast water.
Best on a) overcast days b) no wind c) at dusk d) fast shallow oxygenated water and e) in late summer and fall to imitiate the baby shadling heading back downriver to the ocean.

June 10 2016

Cold Snap.
The water temp topped out at 64 degrees by 6:00pm near Narrowsburg on the Big D.

Good buddies, The Maestro - Alan Kaufman - and yours truly with a dandy wild trout caught and released on today's float trip south of Narrowsburg, New York.
And, yes....the water temperature ranged from 61 to 64 degrees - perfect for the wild bows!

Could be the high Sierras...

...but it's really the Catskills - only 2 hours northwest of NYC.

What a difference two weeks makes!

Eventhough we were targeting smallmouth bass, there were many bugs on our trip south of Narrowsburg yesterday with the water in the low to mid 60s.
Tan caddis, sulphurs and Isos.

May 27 2016

Upper Delaware River Heat Wave (Day 2)

Jim Phillips caught and released this buck shad right out of the gate this morning at Ten Mile River at the confluence of the main stem UDR a few miles south of Narrowsburg, New York.

75 degrees at Callicoon, NY by day's end.

Too warm for trout. My cut off for trout is 68 degrees.
Time for smallmouth bass.

The political season heats up too along NYS Route 97.

Memorial Day 2016
We're at the first of the three day holiday weekends.
Stay cool, drive safe, drink plenty of liquids and remember those that gave of themselves and thank those that served for your freedom.

May 25 2016

When it's hot...
Give the trout a break.

John Burger with a nice buck shad caught and released at the confluence of Ten Mile River and the Upper Delaware River south of Narrowsburg, New York.
We're at the beginning of a heat wave which will last through Memorial Day weekend with afternoon highs in the upper 80's.
With no rain and a paltry NYC reservoir release of about 230cfs from Cannonsville, the main stem UDR is beginning to cook.
By day's end, the trout zone from Lordville, NY south to Long Eddy to Callicoon all had water temps in excess of 68 degrees.
Don't fish for trout when the water gets too warm. Give them a break and target smallmouth bass and shad instead.

6pm water temps and levels via USGS

Warm water from Lordville south due to NYC stingy release policy via FFMP (eventhough their reservoirs are at 99.6%!)

Green Drake emergence.

Yes, Virginia.
Mayflies do hatch south of Callicoon, New York.

May 22 2016

Callicoon, New York
Yes. It's quite a river.

Michael Silfen with a beautiful wild Main Stem Upper Delaware River wild brown caught on top at dusk in the Callicoon Pool.
Fly fishers seeking dry fly action will have to wait for the last 90 minutes before dark for risers.
Best times: 7:00pm until 8:30pm using #16 Suphurs - duns, cripples and spinners.

And at the end of the day fishing on the Upper Delaware River...what do you find?

Day's End.

Looking north to the Callicoon Bridge.

May 14 2016

Cochecton Walleye.

Kris van Naerssen with a nice river walleye caught this afternoon north of Cochecton, New York on the main stem Upper Delaware River.
The river is bank high, water is in the grass, slight stain and is about 58 degrees.

May 13 2016

Please sir, may I have some...more?

This wild brown took the #16 BWO CDC Loop Wing Emerger which was trailed off a #12 Snowshoe Rabbit Rusty Spinner.
Now here's the thing.

I had broken off a take. Retied the same tandem rig. 30 minutes later in the same location - usually frog water of less than four feet -I threw and fish took.
When I netted the fish - guess what?
My first rig was in his mouth!

Food glorious food!

Beautiful wild Upper Delaware River brown trout

May 11 2016

A client that purchases flies from me writes from the West Branch Delaware River...

Fly fisher, Chris Zando, having success with my Hendrickson Snowshoe Breakout Emerger.

Nice words. Thank you!

Wish I was there!

Close up of Mr. Zando's gorgeous 20 inch wild rainbow!

The fly that this fish ate.

A Snowshoe Hendrickson Breakout Emerger.
Available in size 14 and 16.

May 8 2016

Memo to the Makeover & Branding Department..

The Donald®

May 5 2016

Catch and Release - Part I: Nice fat brownie.

That's Rich Wierer with a dandy 20 inch Big D. brown that he caught and released on today's float trip south of Hankins, New York.
Rich caught this fish on top with 5x and then the fish jumped out of Rich's arms and back into the cold Delaware which was about 49 degrees.
A #16 CDC Loop Wing BWO Emerger was the trailer off a Sparkle Dun March Brown.
The fish ate the emerger.

Catch and Release - Part II: Tomatin Single Malt.

Rich managed to hold on to this longer than the fish.

Hole in the Wall.

We've got plenty of water! Trout fishing should remain great through the month of May.

On the Menu.

This is what that gorgeous brown trout ate today.

May 3 2016

The Callicoon Pool. Mid Afternoon. Cold, Gray and Dreary for early May.

No wind.
Maybe a few heads?

Water temp? It's 50 degrees.

Cold and damp weather.
The Catskills finally received some rain over the last few days keeping the rivers cold and bank full.

What's on the menu?

That's a size 18 BWO Hackle Stacker trailed with a size 12 snowshoe rabbitt quill spinner.

A fat Upper Delaware River wild brown.

He ate it!

And a text from a happy customer...

Those EC Caddis are great!
Thanks to Ralph Cutter who originally designed the pattern in the Sierra's back in the 1980's.
We've had incredible success using the EC's on the wild 'bows on the Big D. as well.

Close up of George's fish.


Coming up later this month...Sulphurs!

My CDC Loop Wing Sulphur Emerger available in #14, #16 and #18.
I tie these as BWO's as well.

May 2 2016

Hi - Viz Spinner.

We'll try this sweetie on the wild trout tomorrow evening as they cruise and sip the spinners in the film at the Callicoon Pool.

Catskill river levels have come up and are a bit stained from the heavy rainfall this morning.
It's just what the doctor ordered since the water clarity was too clear along with the bright sunny days we experienced for the better part of April.
Water temps have now dropped below 50 degrees at Callicoon and the main stem is bank full.
It promises to be a great week ahead to look for heads with the dry fly.

April 29 2016

Wild Brown.
What the Main Stem of the Upper Delaware River is known for. Look at those spots!

Lillian Yee with a nice brownie caught and released south of Kellams Bridge.

Wild Rainbow.
What the Main Stem of the Upper Delaware River is known for. Look at those markings!

Albert Yee with a beautiful Big D. 'bow caught and released north of Callicoon, New York.

Yep. That is a Light Cahill.
And it's late April in the Catskills!

Bug soup.
This cahill landed on my shades late this afternoon north of Callicoon.

Rain. Rain and MORE Rain!

Looks like both Cannonsville and Pepacton are ground zero for this storm tonight and more rain is coming on Sunday!
This is just what the doctor ordered for sustained cool water temps, more water for the reservoirs and to stir up the river a bit since it had been gin clear for over three weeks making for difficult conditions with bright bluebird skies.

USGS Chart 4/29/16 for 7:00pm

Let's see how the river levels increase when I wake up tomorrow.

12 Hours later. USGS Chart. 4/30/16

Levels hardly budged overnight.
Shows you how dry the ground was.
More rain coming tonight and all day Sunday.

April 27 2016

A nice letter from a customer.

Wish I was there!

April 24 2016

March Browns! (and it's ONLY April 24th)

Not many.
But...a sign of more to come.
2016 will go down in the books as a year in which we were about 2 to 3 weeks ahead of schedule.

Big fat wild brown at White House Curve. Main Stem. Upper Delaware River.

Nice fish for John Creegan.

Walleyes on a bluebird bright day with gin clear water?

You bet. Mike Seltzer with one of four 'eyes caught and released today.

April 22 2016

Chunky Monkey...right before dark.

Current conditions on the river near Callicoon:
Water is 60 degrees, clarity is super clear, overcast with no wind
BUT where are the bugs?
Sparse hatches of caddis and the Hendos are finito for 2016.
I had to wait until the last half hour to have happy fish taking bugs on top and this guy whacked a #14 Snowshoe Rusty Spinner right before dark.

Snowshoe Rusty Spinner.

This is what they ate.

60 degrees by day's end at the Callicoon Pool with a 400+cfs release from Cannonsville.

April 15 2016

Water Temp? 53 degrees.

This fat Upper Delaware River wild brown smashed a Snowshoe Breakout Hendo emerger this afternoon in the Callicoon Pool.
Hatches? Hendrickson, Caddis, EBS, Blue Quills after 2:00pm.
But, give 'em the emerger trailed off a dry on 5x and they'll take it.

April 13 2016


We'll give it a shot today up near Callicoon.
3:00pm. The water temp should be close to 50 degrees by then.
Here's an assortment of my arsenal of Hendricksons: Hackle Stacker, Hi - Viz, Snowshoe, Sparkle Dun, Red Quill Parachute - what a choice!
Like the deli counter at Zabar's!

April 12 2016

The Perfect Setup.
The charts have aligned.

Water temperatures this morning throughout the Upper Delaware system are 42 degrees.
With the warmer weather forecast for the balance of the week close to 70 (see chart below) this portends to be the first decent dry fly period of the Catskill year since water temps will exceed 50 by the end of the day from Thursday through Sunday. With that, anglers should expect targets, heads, risers - eating dry flies - hopefully a size 14 Hendo after 3:00pm.

Weather forecast for the Catskills.

Can't beat it - nice.
Warmer with no wind.

NYC Reservoir Storage.

With the 2+ inches we received last weekend Cannonsville Reservoir on the West Branch is now at 97.6% and filling since water is still coming in at Walton, NY.
This means that we've gone into a different FFMP table thus NYC is obliged to release more water into the West Branch.
Good news for all - we can all spread out.

April 10 2016

Fly: Goldfinger

Always a good choice.
He's the man...the man with the midas touch.

Levels are receding but water temperature are still very cold.

BUT. It will be very good later this week into next weekend. Forecast is highs in the mid 60s with no wind.
Time for afternoon dryfly with water temps hopefully hitting the magic 50 degree mark.

Fly: Poo Pah - this time without the bead and using Sybai Flat Body Glass from the Czech Republic for the underbody.

Thanks to Joe Fox of Dette's in Roscoe, NY for carrying this product.

April 9 2016

Fly: Gib's Delight

Looped trailing shuck with egg sac.

Cold water. Too cold... USGS chart.

Brrrrrr....39 degrees water all along the Upper Delaware River system right now and it will be record cold tonight - in the 20's.
Wait a few days - or, more like next weekend.

April 7 2016

Friends of the Upper Delaware (FUDR) offiicial statement on the DRBC / RFAC April 5th meeting:
The Silence of the Lambs

Read the whole thing.
Kudos to FUDR but they're working against a stacked deck.

BUT LOOK...a silver lining!
We got RAIN...a driving rain for the Catskills! Screenshot below.

Exactly what we needed to replenish the reservoirs, raise the level and stir up the water.
This is a 2+ inch event for the Catskills today. Probably the most rainfall we've received in a month.
Thank you Mother Nature. NYC, NY, PA, NJ and DE might not have answered our rationale for more water but you , at least, answered our prayers.

Callicoon Creek rising after the rain.

A good way to measure how much rain we've received is to look at the USGS gage for a smaller stream like Callicoon Creek which is a trib to the Upper Delaware River.
As you can see on the graph, it shot up and has now registered a little less than a foot - or we received, so far, a little less than an inch of rainfall in the last 24 hours.
It hasn't crested yet so we'll check back later tonight.

Crest. Callicoon Creek.

Up about 1.8 feet in the last 24 hours or about two inches of rain.
All Catskill rivers are now rising - Beaverkill, West and East Branch and Main Stem.
Remember: The smaller tribs are first to go up after a rainfall and the first to go down.

April 5 2016

It's COLD!

16 degrees!

USGS Chart for this morning.

As predicted, the water temperatures have dropped below 40 degrees.
Callicoon water temps had been 55 last Friday - they are now 37 degrees.
Temperature swings like about 20 degrees in 72 hours can't be good for feeding activity.
And that's WATER temperature.

More orders.

On it's way out the door.

Fox's PooPah

Use these with the Jayne Mansfield's and EC Caddis in late April and May.
Later on today, from 1 to 4pm, we have the public hearing for the Flexible Flow Management Plan (FFMP) over at the Lake Wallenpaupack - PPL Conference Center in Hawley, PA.
The skinny is that some of the bigwigs will be there.
And talk about skinny -- look at the West Branch Delaware River. Cannonsville release remains at 107cfs. That's bony. We'll see if the muckymucks show up at the meeting this afternoon and report back. Tight lines and stay warm!

Full house at the FFMP / RFAC meeting this afternoon in Hawley, Pennsylvania
BUT...New York State DEC is a No Show! AWOL!

No problem. We have Representative Chris Gibson's (R-NY) letter which was read into the record by a lady by the name of Diane Tharpe past director of The North Delaware Conservancy and on Gibson's Watershed Advisory Group.
Read Gibson's letter.

There was a full house at the DRBC / RFAC meeting held this afternoon.
The powers that be that control the water politics (and releases) on the Upper Delaware River have left unchanged the policy of the FFMP for 2016.
No changes with regards to release tables which is not a good sign for cold water trout advocates to this tailwater.
I also heard more public comment from downriver officials and citizens from New Jersey and Pennsylvania that they would like to see New York City create more a void (90%) at Cannonsville Reservoir on the West Branch Delaware since on more than one occasion they brought up the floods of 2004, 2005 and 2006.
The irony is that 1) New York City did not build their reservoirs at Cannonsville and Pepacton for flood control and they will be the first to tell you so and 2) there would have been more destruction in '04, '05 and '06 if the reservoirs were not there to hold back or check the flow.
As Vonnegut said: "And so it goes."

April 3 2016

Fly: Jayne Mansfield - Size 12

Not a day to be out on the river with wind gusts to 45mph out of the north.
We'll give Jayne a whirl later this month when the caddis show up. The fly pictured above along with the EC Caddis is all you'll need when the Grannoms show.

Sunday, April 3 2016.

Water temperatures are dropping due to cold front.
Nighttime readings for tonight through Tuesday are in the teens. That will drop the water temp on the Main Stem to the upper thirties / low forties by Tuesday.
Not good for hatching and not good for feeding.
The week after will be better - starting on the 11th.

"Water water everywhere?" Right. Today's USGS Chart.

And NYC continues to screw around with water from Cannonsville.
Notice the chart from Stilesville, NY at the dam.
They dump between 800 to 1,500cfs from mid February through mid March eventhough there was NO snowpack for something they call "Flood Mitigation" in the FFMP and then they cut back the Cannonsville release to 108cfs drying up the West Branch plus pissing away about 10% of what they had in storage.
It had been close to 98% now it's down to about 90% in the past month.
Let's see if we get that water back.

Current reservoir storage levels at Cannonsville and Pepacton


April 1 2016

The Setting...

The Wire.
Callicoon Pool, looking south, on the beautiful Upper Delaware River late this afternoon around 4:30pm.

The Food...

That's a Hendrickson!
Notice the three tails.
Incredibly early for them to be hatching in the Catskills - about three weeks early in fact.
This is due to no run-off, no snowpack and warm air. The afternoon air temperatures hit 70 today and the water temperature maxxed out at 55 degrees.

The Imitations...

A tandem rig with a few of my hand tied patterns - a Snowshoe Hendo trailed on 5X with a Hendo Breakout Emerger was what I used this afternoon.

Wild Trout

Not big but a real nice way to start off the year - and on top!

March 29 2016

Cold front. North wind to 35mph.

The Upper Delaware River at the Ten Mile River public access this afternoon.

Well, the water temperature certainly dropped about six degrees from last week near Callicoon and will continue to chill since the Catskills is due for below seasonal air temps for the next 10 days.
If the forecast is true, we're about two weeks off for any decent fly fishing on the Main Stem and West Branch.
We need to have water in the low 50's - consistently.
Note that NYC DEP has now cut the Cannonsville release to 377cfs.

Long range forecast through mid April 2016.
Cold and damp...but no significant rain is due.

March 26 2016

They're here.

Early Black Stonefly.

The real deal
And a few more...

Water temperatures on the Main Stem are hugging the 50 degree mark by 4:00pm.
Hey, Tony! How d'ya do that neat wing on the early brown stonefly?

Simple. Pull back the hackle.
This technique is great on all stoneflies - from EBS to Yellow Sallies.
In the Catskills and Poconos, we are about two to three weeks ahead of normal. USGS chart is below.

Once the water stays in the low fifties consistently, you'll see risers by 2:00pm and Callicoon water got to 51 this afternoon.

March 25 2016

Late March...or early June?

Ten Mile River. About five miles south of Narrowsburg, New York.
The old stone arch bridge is visible to your left and the stream exits into Upper Delaware River.
Early June conditions for late March in the Catskills. The water is gin clear and at below normal levels.

Gettin' Ready!

22 years!
Same boat. A LAVRO from the state of Washington. 22 years old. Look at that scumline.
She's served me well and I'm looking forward to another great year of fat wild trout and teeny weenie dry flies on the beautiful Upper Delaware River.
Letting the hair get long...

March 23 2016


Hi - Viz Hendos in size 14.

March 20 2016

After returning home from last week's four day fishing expo in Suffern, New York, I then drove to Trumbull, Connecticut to give an A/V seminar on the Upper Delaware River to the Nutmeg Trout Unlimited group which was well received.
It was a nice attendance with about forty members on hand on Tuesday evening.
On Wednesday, I came back again to Narrowsburg to fill a few fly tying orders.

Top to bottom:
All Hendrickson variations.
Snowshoe, Red Quill, Hi-Viz, Hackle Sacker and Sparkle Dun.
In April, I'll give one more A/V seminar to the Hacklebarney Trout Unlimited group in Whippany, New Jersey.

March 14 2016

Set Up - The 2016 Suffern Fishing EXPO

Here we go!
My booth at the Rockland Fishing EXPO in Suffern, New York.
Photos, photos and more photos of happy anglers.

Pan shot of the aisle at the fishing show.

We had steady crowds for the four days the show opened which was Thursday through Sunday, March 10 through 13.
Most folks asked what kind of spring season we would have since the Catskills had no snowpack this winter.
In fact, it was close to 75 degrees when the show opened on Thursday and a old client was nice enough to get me a frosty brew.
Many old customers stopped by and it was a pleasure meeting and answering various questions about fishing opportunities to newcomers.

Good friends, Fred and Andy Stabbert of The Sullivan County Democrat.

Fred Stabbert, publisher of the Sullivan County Democrat, stopped by my booth with his son, Andrew, to say hello...
and also to buy me a nice cold beer since my throat was parched and it was still toasty in the fieldhouse on Friday.
Fred is a great guy that I've know for over 25 years who's also a terrific angler and is also passionate about the Upper Delaware River region.

March 8 2016


The Granddaddy of the fishing sport shows is this Thursday!
Right off the NYS Thruway at Exit 14B at the Rockland County College Fieldhouse.
If you're at the show, please stop by my booth and say hello and also be sure to pick up a FREE issue of the Catskill - Delaware Spring 2016 issue full of great fishing articles.
See you at the show!

March 1 2016

Q: What's the total NYC Reservoir Storage for this date?

A:We are 10% above where we should be for March 1st.
So...let's DUMP that water!

And NYC is dumping the limit of 1,500cfs from Cannonsville Reservoir on the West Branch of the Delaware River.

February 28 2016

Cabelas. Hamburg, Pennsylvania

Mid way bewteen Allentown and Harrisburg on I-78.

Interior shot of the Cabelas in Hamburg. A huge store.
Aquarium, mounts from all over the world, restaurant, kayaks, clothing, tackle, gear...
250,000 square feet of goodies!

Cabelas had invited me to their annual "Captain's Weekend" to give seminars on fishing the Upper Delaware River over the weekend as well as tying some of my fly patterns.
Coming up
The Rockland Fishing EXPO will be held from Thursday March10 through Sunday March 13 at the Fieldhouse of RCC in Suffern, New York.
If you're at the show please stop by my booth at #925 and say hello.
I'll have a few issues of the new Spring 2016 Catskill - Delaware magazine which is chock full of fishing articles about our region for all who attend the show.

February 26 2016

The Big Eddy
Upper Delaware River. Narrowsburg, NY

Ice Out. (Last year the ice went out on April 4th so we're about six weeks ahead of 2015.)
NYC Reservoir Storage?
Cannonsville is at 94.5%
Pepacton is at 89.3%
Total storage for February 26th is now: 94.8 % and normal storage for this date is: 87.2%

February 25 2016

MORE rain!

Today's river chart.
All Catskill / Delaware River rivers and streams are rising today after the region receieved anywhere from 3 to 4 inches of rain yesterday.
I would think Cannonsville Reservoir will come close to spilling in the next few days.
I'll post the NYC DEP data when it becomes available.

Beaverkill USGS Chart.
And the old Beaverkill at Cooks Falls shot up about 6 feet in 12 hours.
This rain event will flush any residual snowpack (which we didn't have much of) and ice out to sea.

February 18 2016

Got Snow?

Current map. The Catskills / Upper Delaware River Valley is in the red box.
None. No snow in open areas and less than an inch in shady areas.
The rain washed it all away.

The long range weather forecast for the balance of February.
Air temps normal with very little precipitation.

NYC DEP snow survey for 2/17/16.
ZERO snowpack for the Catskill / Delaware watershed at their reservoirs.

NYC Reservoir Storage.
Cannonsville on the West Branch of the Delaware River. Getting close to 90% with about 6 weeks left until April.
I think it will spill this in April and/or May if we have a normal late winter / early spring.
Also, combined NYC reservoir water storage is currenly above the historical averages for this date.

February 17 2016

How much rain?

Beaverkill went from 2 feet to 6+ feet in 12 hours.
About 3+ inches of rain fell in the Catskills yesterday and with it washed out most of the remaining snowpack in the hills.

From the Narrowsburg Bridge - looking north.

Open channel from the heavy rain yesterday is pushing the ice downstream.

And, looking south.

Ice breaking up in The Big Eddy.

February 16 2016

More Rain (NOT snow)! And, it's February in the Catskills!

Moderate to heavy rain today. Doppler radar above.

It's Feburary in the Catskills...and it's raining. Almost 50 degrees after the deep freeze we received over the weekend with air temps below zero.
We have received far more rain than snow this winter. My guess when all is said and done? Close to one to one and a half inches of rain.

NYC Reservoir Levels. Note that this screen grab is from February 12th - not today.
After today's rain, my guess is that Cannonsville Reservoir on the West Branch of the Delaware River will be close to 90% full.

February 13 2016

Seven U.S. Presidents Who Fished

That's Ike second from left with a stringer of pike before "Catch - Photograph and Release" became the ethical thing to do to conserve our resource.

Tonight at 9pm on CBS!
More G.O.P. debates!

Real feel with wind chill in Narrowsburg, NY today is about 15 below.
No snow however. I'd say we have less than an inch on the ground.

A good day to tie up a few E/C Caddis for a new order that I received this past week.
Gotta love this pattern for the wild trout on the Upper Delaware River. Last year, this fly pattern first created by Ralph Cutter out in the Sierras back in the 1980's wacked those fish silly up and down the Big D - from Hancock to Callicoon!
By the way, our wild rainbows on the Upper Delaware River were imported from northern California - the McCloud River - back in the 1880's to be exact so I figured why not try a Western pattern like the E/C or, for that matter, Bob Quigley's Hackle Stacker and our wild trout are nailing them with gusto.
Available in #12, #14 and #16.

February 9 2016

Upper Delaware Council for 2016

Article from the Sullivan County Democrat.

Group photo of the 2016 UDC members.
Upper Delaware Council members after their meeting last Thursday. Newly sworn-in members seated from the left:
Vice-Chairperson Jeffrey Dexter, Chairperson Fred Peckham, and Secretary-Treasurer Alan Henry.
First row standing from the left: Zoriana Gingold, Susan Sullivan, Debra Conway, Tony Ritter, Timothy Dugan, and Jeff Haas.
Third row standing from the left: Aaron Robinson, Steven Tambini, Andy Boyar, Bill Rudge, Kristina Heister, Larry H. Richardson,
David Dean, Jim Greier, and Harold G. Roeder, Jr. Representatives of UDC members Westfall Township, PA
and Lackawaxen Township, PA were absent from the meeting.

February 7 2016

Current Snowpack?

Superbowl Sunday...and still no snowpack for the Catskills / Upper Delaware River.
We're in the red box.

February 3 2016

We got rain.

Doppler radar for the northeast.

We (in the red box) are getting moderate rainfall in the Catskills today.
They had forecast 1 to 2 inches for us but my guess is that it will be closer to an inch. As you can see the heavy stuff (yellow in map) went to the south of the Catskills.
More precip is better than no precip to fill the NYC reservoirs and my guess is when all is said and done, Cannonsville will be over 86% - way ahead of the storage at this time last year.

February 2 2016

Groundhog Day (and Phil didn't see his shadow)

Snowcover? Nope.

Jonas is but a distant memory and all of the ground in the eastern seaboard will be bare after we get some rain tomorrow.
For the Catskills? They're expecting afternoon temps near 50 degrees.

Here's the data I received from NYC DEP of their snow survey data for 2/2/16. Hot off the presses.
Compare the actual snow (zero BG) to the historical BG for this date.

NYC Reservoirs Levels.
Cannonsville is over 80% which is good for early February.
My guess is that it will spill by late March / early April since we are bound to get either rain and/or snow in the next 8 to 10 weeks.

January 31 2016

Somerset. The 2016 Fly Fishing Show.

The man - Joe Humphries.
87 years young demonstrating the Tuck Cast (Squeeeeeeeeeze...) at this year's Fly Fishing Show.
In sum, Somerset was packed. From when the doors opened on Friday 9:00am to late this afternoon it was non-stop.
Kudos have to go to Chuck and Ben Furimsky and their whole staff for making this expo THE best show in the country - bar none.
On display was merchandise from gear to boats to clothes to books to you name it! If it has to do with fly fishing - it's at this show.
Outfitters, Fly Tiers, Rod Makers - but what make this show special is all the interesting educational seminars and demonstrations that occur round the clock for three days. Incredible.

Thank you Joe for all the knowledge you have gathered from flyfishing, which you, in turn, have shared with all of us - beginner or advanced - that love this sport.
You are a great teacher and ambassador.

January 28 2016

4 Days After Jonas

Today's snow cover. Nothing in the Catskills. Bone dry. The forecast for this coming Sunday through next week is highs in the 40's and it's late January.
Off to Somerset, New Jersey for the 2016 Fly Fishing Show. I will be tying my patterns all days in the Fly Tiers aisle.

Stop by and say hello!

January 27 2016

Pine Tree Eddy on the Upper Delaware River in Cochecton, New York

A pan shot of the Upper Delaware River taken earlier today. Left is south, right is north and across the river is Pennsylvania with no snow cover.

January 26 2016

No Snow in the Catskills (and it's late January)!

No snow whatsoever on Fireman's Field (left photo) in Narrowsburg, New York this afternoon. The white you see is ice on the river.
At the NYS DEC river access (middle photo). Looking across to Pennsylvania - there's no snowpack on the shady elevations.
The Big Eddy on the Upper Delaware River. Open water to the south but the ice in the eddy is only a few inches thick and not safe to walk on.
43 degrees this afternoon and more above seasonal air temps are forecast for next week.

January 25 2016

Jonas The Blizzard.
Well, not much snow for the Catskills / Upper Delaware region as the before and after maps show below.
When all was said and done, Narrowsburg, NY, in western Sullivan County got less then an inch whereas two hours to the south and west, New York City got 26 inches in Central Park - almost a record.

  and after...